Omich Software

  • Task Manager




    Task Manager for Android devices. - Processes list - Fast clear button - Manage processes - Forced stopping processes - Killing processes with root shell - Widgets (4x1 and 1x1)

  • Omich Player




    Minimalistic music player for Android 4 and higher. The player uses the system library for music, so list of supported formats can be different depending on the device. Features: - Filtering by artists, albums, genres - Playlists (you can also copy playlists from some another players) - Playing...

  • Omich Notes




    Very simple app to manage your notes.

  • Omich Callback




    User interface for operator's "call me" and "top up my phone" services.

  • Customizable Gallery 3D




    Android 2.x stock gallery modification. - Bugs fixed - Compatibility with Android 3 or higher - Settings: number of image rows, animation speed, image quality, etc. - Modified video player and photo frame widget - Removed sync with Picasa - Removed default cache service - Gif animation support -...

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