Omkar Deshmukh

  • Messaging 7




    Follow M7 on twitter: A Windows Phone Messaging app for android. Hi Guys, Presenting you Messaging 7(M7). It's not easy to create a app for android Messaging by one man. ASOP code is there for help but I had to write lot of things from Scratch. Point here is...

  • Unity Launcher Free




    This is a try before buy version of Unity Launcher. It test Unity Launcher is working on your device with Basic functions. Customization are available in Paid app only. Paid app link Liked Ubuntu Phone? Have you seen Ubuntu Phone...

  • POPUP 7 Free




    ***NOTE*** For those who are using GOSMSPRO and Popup 7 is not working In goSmsPro go to menu->setting ->ReceiveSetting... Please UNCHECK "DISABLE OTHER MESSAGE NOTIFICATION " option. This will resolve problem.. please do not RATE low as this is not a fault of this app, that...

  • Unity Launcher




    Featured on Android Central: AddictiveTips : Liked Ubuntu Phone? Have you seen Ubuntu Phone Edge Launcher? Now test...

  • POPUP 7




    Droid Life: PopUp 7, An Unobtrusive SMS Popup That Actually Works Pretty Darn Well =========================================================== Now Comes with Voice Command Support. You can reply read, reply message without touching your device. SMS, Misscall, Email Notifications....

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