• Culture Kingdom Kids

    Culture Kingdom Kids




    Culture Kingdom Kids™ is educational arts company that produces children’s programs that celebrate African-American cultures. Since 2010, Culture Kingdom Kids has promoted cultural pride, heritage and awareness values through fun and interactive performances and workshops at schools, festivals,...

  • Eric Fitzgerald

    Eric Fitzgerald


    Eric Fitzgerald consult business owners regarding their needs and issues. Assist with mortgage solutions for consumers. Also, Mr. Fitzgerald facilitates a networking group called the Round Table located in Old Town VA. The Round Table was established to enhance and develop relationships between...

  • FraserNET





    FraserNet is a principle-centered, 25 year old company engaged in social entrepreneurism. We are a global leadership network of 60,000 Black professionals, Business Owners, and Community Leaders. We are focused on economic development through education, training and empowerment for Black people....

  • Business Kids

    Business Kids




    International Business Kids, formerly known as Bold Ambitious Determined Kids, operates a Youth Entrepreneur Academy that teaches children ages 6 – 18 to start, market and expand their very own business. Students use their profits to open a bank account, reinvest in product for business, donate...

  • dollars4damages



    Barrett Matthews is the creator of Dollars 4 Damages. Dollars 4 Damages is an advocate for the rights of you, the property owner. Barrett Matthews primary purpose is to help you navigate through the turbulent waters of settling your property loss claim. Just as any vessel needs an experience...

  • ecommunities



    We are an "Essential Services Quality of Life(ESQOL)" management company focused on providing only the best personal and corporate services, staffing personnel, in additon to affordable employer retention and reward programs for property management companies, college campuses,...

  • AshIsCash



    Ash came from India in 1989 with just $20 and not a word of English. Ash has been in the financial services industry since 1994. Ash struggled in the industry before finding his groove and succeeding. Ash worked with major banks as a manager of a bank manager and private wealth manager before he...

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