• extTay - Pig Latin for SMS




    Drive your friends crazy with this fun little app to send text messages in Pig Latin! Get the paid version extTay+ and send to multiple contacts, select from your contact list, no ads, and preview your message before sending. Find me on Twitter @OneNutzSoftware

  • Voice+Recorder




    An enhanced, easy to use app that provides more than the stock recorder app. Record memos, lectures, interviews, doctor's visits, musical riffs, whatever you want. Use this app with our 'No Cell Radio" app to re-purpose older devices into a useful recorder. Allows multiple...

  • A Texas Thing Screen Widget




    This is a home screen widget that is all about showing your Texas pride. Perfect for native Texans and wannabes alike. This widget occupies a 1 x 1 home screen area and you can choose from 15 different images or a random mode that changes every 30 minutes. Images include the State Flag of...

  • No Cell Radio




    This is a simple home page widget that does two things in one step - 1) turns on Airplane Mode - which will turn off the cell radio, GPS, Bluetooth, and WiFi - then 2) turn WiFi back on. This widget is great for re-purposing older devices to WiFi only, or when traveling internationally and you...

  • CardCounter for Single/Double




    This works best on devices with a large screen like 480x800 A handy app that helps you remember cards that have been played - Just tap a card to mark it as played. It's the electronic version of something we've all done with pencil and paper. This app supports 1) single 52 card deck...

  • App List




    This is a simple app that provides a list or grid of apps in alphabetical order. I wrote this for my Galaxy Tab - it has no way to alphabetize the list of apps on the Applications screen. I don't know if all Galaxy Tabs have this issue or if it's just mine - but I have noted some other...

  • 1 & 3 play Video Poker




    Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Loose Deuces, and Double Double Bonus Poker. Includes realistic sounds. Requires no special permissions! Use Menu | Options | Screen Size to adjust for smaller screen sizes (defaults to normal = 480x800 or larger) I am committed to my apps and users - I test my...

  • extTay+ Pig Latin for SMS




    Drive your friends crazy with this fun little app to send text messages in Pig Latin! Send to multiple contacts, select from your contact list, and preview before sending. Longer messages are automatically divided up into standard SMS messages. PERMISSIONS: The INTERNET permission is used...

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