onion software

  • Sick Yuugai


    Press '4' and '9' to progress

  • Rank Up Defence




    Unit will class change by your tap and defeat an enemy! You can use special ability when unit ranked higher! It will be a victory if it bears to the time limit. By accumulating a gauge, the class change of the ally units can be carried out temporarily. If a gauge is stored more, a new swordsman...

  • Marumnhr


    This is a game which lengthens the tongue of a frog and arrests game.

  • andrpzsolve




    This is an application which captures the portion of the puzzle of the Puzzle & Dragons. Development: pippi Distribution: ONION software This is Japanese indie game made with HSP( Hot Soup Procrssor ). A multiplatform game can be made by HSP....

  • Bandam UC




    Game will start when tap in a title screen. Operation of a character only moves a touch to right and left. Avoiding the steel frame which falls, Bandam needs to do a cockpit finger and please dash. * Supplement Tips on a high score - If it leaves LIFE as much as possible, a score will be added...

  • Swipe-Puzzle Twin Roll




    Slide a panel boundary line! Fix it in the right direction! It is a rotation matching puzzle game which can play with one finger. A panel is rotated well and complete a picture. Twelve variegated stages including two practice stages. Please enjoy the anime-style drawing picture designed by...

  • Number Place 151A




    Please solve the problem of Sudoku set by automatic generation. It is according to the fate at that time whether an easy problem crops up or a difficult problem crops up. Please face thoroughly the problem which can be random, therefore can meet only once. Development: ZAP Distribution: ONION...

  • Racer 100




    It is an old favorite LCD game simulator. Please push an upper right game button, and the rest pushes a button on either side intently, and continue avoiding a car. Development: MYAOSOFT Distribution: ONION software This is Japanese indie game made with HSP( Hot Soup Procrssor ). A...

  • Neko Push




    Touch one from the smallest in the number added to the cat. If it answers correctly, a line will disappear. A score is high if it pushes early. A score is also raised by a continuation correct answer. Addition. If a combo continues, a line will add. When it answers correctly, time is returned...

  • Circle Reflection




    The ball which jumps about in the inside of a colorful ring. Rotate a ring by swipe, not to drop a ball, hit against the target color and aim at a high score! A new sense ball reflective game, "Circle Reflection". The game arranging only the bar of Breakout in the shape of a circle and...

  • LINE




    [Control] Please touch the four directions (movement) under a screen, and a round button (shot). [How to play] If a cartridge is discharged, Brock is broken and space is made to length or a horizontal line, it will blink for a while and will be closed by Brock. If there is an enemy in it, it can...

  • Ten Poker


    It is the reasoning poker which plays with ten cards. Ten cards lie down first. Please choose five sheets from there. A push on the OK button will teach a role. Please guess and aim at royal straight flush. (*)Turn(s) are 5 times of the numbers of average turns these days. If Won becomes five or...

  • Sushi Puzzle 2012




    A sushi puzzle is a classic puzzle game of the type called Lights Out. Please challenge the puzzle of the simple rule which makes all the panels to Tuna. Ms. Masami Ino's sound is recorded on data under voice. Development: usuaji soft http://hspcenter.com/ This is Japanese indie game made...





    Escape from coming "PIYOKO" anyhow! Development: simakuroneko Developper Homepage: http://www.geocities.jp/simakuroneko646/ More information about HSP3Dish: http://hsp.tv/make/hsp3dish.html

  • Jumper Classic




    A classic computer game "jumper" created in 1986 is back on the smart phone. Only a jump button used. Play with lovely character Mr. Jumper and make a high score! This is a sample application made with HSP3Dish -- HSP is easy way to make Windows and smart phone application. http://hsp.tv/

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