• Online TV Recorder

    Online TV Recorder




    * Requires a free registration. Online TV Recorder for Android is the best Video recorder you can get without buying a device from a media outlet! No extra equipment is required! Everything is comfortably accessible on the Internet. With Online TV Recorder you can record, download or watch the...

  • OTR Decoder

    OTR Decoder




    OTR Decoder is an App to decode downloaded TV-shows and films (files with the extension otrkey) that you programmed on the website (OTR) before. If you have had to record a TV-show or film by, you need this tool to decode and watch it when you downloaded...

  • TV Pilot ( EPG )

    TV Pilot ( EPG )




    The TV Pilot EPG App is a very simple and fast way to access up-to-date relevant information about which hot shows are currently running and coming up! The brighter the colour of the show and the higher up in the list the show is, the more it is liked. If the show has flames, then it is todays...

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