Only Solutions Software

  • Volleyball Score




    A simple application to keep up with volleyball score. User friendly. Just press the score button to add points or press the red button to subtract one point. It has a chronometer in the center which helps to keep track of time. When a team scores the match point a "match point" message...

  • Volleyball 2.0 Scoreboard




    Our Volleyball Scoreboard application just got better. Still maintaining the same user friendlyness. We made it intuitive. Now you can customize game rules, screen look and feel, save game, resume game, reload game, call timeouts, etc. The free version is full-featured! which means that you can...

  • iClick Tally Counter




    iClick Tally Counter is a software tally counter for any occasion; Traffic Analyzers, Autism / Behavior Counters, Research Counters, Inventory Counters and Industrial Counters. Also this one has a Chronometer that will help you keep a track of time and figure out how long it takes to count...

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