Onur Erdinç

  • Picasa - Flickr Image Search

    Picasa - Flickr Image Search




    This application searches and gets images & photos from Picasa and Flickr. Just input your search query and press the "Search" button to get images and photos related to your search. Tapping one of the results of your search invokes an enlarged image.

  • Facebook Relationship Notifier

    Facebook Relationship Notifier




    When one of your facebook friends changes his / her relationship status, Facebook Relationship Notifier notifies you with notification messages. Updater service starts when you open the application and it continues to run even if you close the application. You can set the update interval by...

  • Love Meter

    Love Meter




    Do you want to know if your partner loves you? Use this application to know the loving affinity degree with your partner. Love Meter will be your personal love calculator.

  • Plaka Kodları

    Plaka Kodları




    Türkiye'deki bütün illerin plaka kodlarını sorgulama uygulamasıdır. Şehirlere göre ya da plaka numaralarına göre arama yapabilmenizi sağlar.

  • Webrazzi





    Türkiye'nin en popüler Web 2.0 blogu Webrazzi'nin Android uygulaması ile internet dünyasının tüm yeniliklerinden anında haberdar olacaksınız.

  • Instant Music Search

    Instant Music Search




    Search and listen songs instantly.

  • PacWoman





    Get all of the dots before eaten by the dragons. You can use arrows or swipe your finger to move the PacWoman. If you want to beat the dragons, you should drink the potion that gives super power to PacWoman. You can use the spaces between the walls to run away from the dragons. Enjoy while...

  • Magic Love Ball Deluxe

    Magic Love Ball Deluxe




    Highly concentrate and ask your questions to this magic love ball. Answers of these questions should be yes or no. After you asked your question, shake the magic ball and you will see the answer. This magic love will help you to find your true love. Don't forget that this app is made for...

  • PacMouse The Maze Master

    PacMouse The Maze Master




    Eat all of the dots before beaten by the cats. You can use arrows or swipe your finger to move the mouse. If you eat a cheese, the mouse gains super power for a short time and can beat the evil cats. Be careful, these cats are really smart. Once you are seen, they will follow you. You can use...

  • Reflex Race

    Reflex Race




    Reflex Race is a reflex measuring game for two players. Two players can play on one device at the same time. How to play: Touch the circle on your side before your opponent touches the circle on his / her side. You can customize layout settings by clicking settings button.

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