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  • Once upon a time

    Once upon a time




    Once upon a time there was an app that was full of learning and fantasy stories. From faraway lands it came speaking English and Spanish. At the end children were full of entertainment and they loved it. Available stories - Shapes (learning, ages 1 to 3). Including triangle, square, circle,...

  • Megathlon





    Megathlon provides triathlon training programs for half-sprint, sprint, olympic, half-ironman and ironman distances and different training levels such as easy, intermediate and advanced. Also aquathlon training programs are available in sprint and olympic distances for easy and advanced. These...

  • Borrowing Power Calculator

    Borrowing Power Calculator


    This application allows you to calculate your borrowing power. As easy as entering your monthly income and expenses, then loan details such as interest rate and period. You will get your borrowing power as result. What is more, it also provides 2 extra figures: how much could you borrow if...

  • Savings Calculator

    Savings Calculator


    Do you need to calculate how much are you going to earn/have in your savings account? This app allows you to calculate total interest accrued in a period of time based on different types of compounding frequencies. How does it work? 1. Enter your initial savings, interest rate you will get from...

  • Loan calculator

    Loan calculator


    This application allows you to find out: - How much can I borrow? - How long will it take me to pay a certain amount paying this much per month? - What is the monthly repayment for a certain amount in this amount of years? - How much interest and P+I will I end up paying for the whole loan? - How...

  • Interest Rate Change Analyzer

    Interest Rate Change Analyzer


    How much will affect you if your loan interest rate go up or down? This app allows you to figure out how much breathing space you currently have. Simply entering your situation details such as income and expenses, and your mortgage situation (loan amount and period plus current interest rate)...

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