OpenBiz Solutions

  • Financial Tools


    How much ... will affect you if your loan interest rate go up or down (stress test)? ... can I afford to borrow? ... would my loan repayments be? ... can I save? This application will help you answer all these questions and even some more. Available tools - Borrowing Power. As...

  • Megathlon : triathlon training




    Megathlon provides triathlon training programs for half-sprint, sprint, olympic, half-ironman and ironman distances and different training levels such as easy, intermediate and advanced. Additionally, duathlon and aquathlon training programs are available in sprint and olympic distances for easy...

  • Read & Paint: Stories for Kids




    Story books for kids available in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Kids can learn while reading and having fun. An application full of learning and fantasy stories. Available stories - Shapes (learning, ages 1 to 3). Storybook including triangle, square, circle, rectangle, star and oval. Free. -...

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