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  • Football pools optimiser




    Optimize your bet, increase you chance of winning at Football pools spending less money. You can optimize your bet in several ways. This app helps you calculate the columns with the best chance to win and maximum profit. To achieve this follow this method: 1.) Insert all possible results...

  • Home security alarm




    Alarm systems for the home can be complex and expensive… or maybe not! Here’s an idea… Why not re-use your old android smartphone as alarm system device? How it works The first time you install Home security alarm widget on your old smartphone it asks you to enter a password and a phone number...

  • Bike anti-theft pro




    Whenever you leave your bike unattended you use a chain to lock it. Sometimes this is not enough. Here’s an idea… Why not re-use your old android smartphone as anti-theft device for extra protection? All you have to do is install Bike anti-theft pro widget. How it works The first time you...

  • Bike anti-theft remote




    With your Bike anti-theft pro widget installed you receive a phone call when your bike is moved without your permission. But what if somebody sees you while you hide your phone under the saddle? What if the thief somehow manages to escape with your bike? Here is an idea… Why not use Bike...

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