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Delete 2 balls by adding up the figures on them to make it total of 10. It's cleared when all balls are eliminated. The line connecting balls can be bent upto twice.

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Square Math Puzzle Free

The total of 4 cards touching a circle is shown in the circle. So you need to move the cards to equalize the total. Basically it's only addition so even the elementary school kids can try. There is also a limited time. As the game is going, it is getting shorten.

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Puzzle game to balance by hanging weights on theeach arm of the balance. Since it's neccessary to consider which weight is hanged on where, it is not that simple to solve. There is also a limited time. As the game is going, it is getting shorten.

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Circle Math Puzzle Free

9 balls by moving a math puzzle game to create a 3 numbers. Red number is the total value of the ball in the red circle. Blue and yellow is also the same. High logic force and mental arithmetic ability is required. Calculation contents, because it is only the addition of a 1-digit number, is also possible in children. To such intellectual training…

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Bomb Memory Puzzle Free

Concentration which has the following features; 1. Some cards close back already opened card. 2. There are some cards which wouldn't match any of rest of the cards. 3. There are varieties of 9 cards(3X3), 16 cards(4X4), 25 cards(5X5), 36 cards(6X6).

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Stopper Cube Bridge

By touching short threads, which move up and down constantly, connect them to make one line.

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Fruit Twins Free

Find the same fruits to eliminate the game.. It's cleared when all fruits are eliminated. The line connecting fruits can be bent upto twice.

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