• Sphero




    Meet the only app capable of keeping up with Sphero. This is the central app for Sphero and a required app for all Sphero owners. Use it to get rolling with Sphero Original or 2.0, upgrade firmware and personalize your gameplay like never before. Level up your individual Sphero’s speed, colors,...

  • Sphero Draw N' Drive




    **Now compatible with Ollie, the App Controlled Robot** If you can draw it, Sphero and Ollie can drive it! Use your finger to trace a path on the screen and Sphero or Ollie will follow it before your eyes. Just give your smartphone or tablet a shake to clear the slate. Even make Sphero or...

  • Macrolab




    Create easy, repeatable programs and macros for Sphero. Arrange simple commands and settings in any combination you choose to let Sphero drive autonomously, follow unique patterns, and more, all while learning basic programming. Play your commands, save favorites, and even share them with...

  • orbBasic for Sphero




    **Now compatible with Ollie, the App Controlled Robot** Code like the pros with orbBasic. Take your programming to the next level with orbBasic for Sphero and Ollie. Execute basic programs, create and prototype autonomous behaviours, and explore the inner workings of Sphero and Ollie’s robot....

  • Sphero Nyan Cat Space Party




    Sphero Nyan Cat SpaceParty! Your space party begins right meow. Have you ever wanted to download awesome? Now you can. Play SpaceParty as a stand-alone app or use Sphero as a controller to fly Nyan Cat through galaxies of craziness, while collecting lollipops and shooting bacon to destroy...

  • Sphero Golf




    Sphero is the ball and your phone is the club. Create a “hole” then swing your phone or flick a finger to hit. Challenge friends to a round of office golf, create your own course at home, or venture out and make your own course practically anywhere. You need to own a Sphero Robotic Ball in...

  • Exile




    The universe is in your hands. 
A totally new take on arcade-style space fighter games. Sphero has been exiled from his home planet and must fight his way back to save all Robot kind. Fly through space while destroying enemies and collecting energy cores. With weapon upgrades and more levels of...

  • Sphero Pet




    Welcome to the Sphero app built just for Pets! It’s easy to play with your pet using the Sphero robotic ball. With Sphero Pet, drive Sphero with joystick or tilt mode. Sphero can change colors, spin wildly, shake, flip, and move in any direction you want, making it the ultimate pet toy that you...

  • Sphero ColorGrab




    Think fast. Move faster. Get ready to test your speed with the first multiplayer tabletop game for Sphero. Sphero flashes different colors and you must pick him up at the right time to earn points. Set point goals, select levels of difficulty, and compete against friends and the clock to see who...

  • Sphero Cam




    Enjoy Sphero and never miss a fun moment with your pets, kids or an incredible feat. Use the built-in camera on your Android device to record video or take snapshots while you simultaneously drive Sphero. Will your SpheroCam video go viral? Record, upload and find out! You need to own a Sphero...

  • The Rolling Dead




    The virtual zombiepocalypse is here! The Rolling Dead is unlike any augmented reality game you’ve ever played. Using Sphero as a fireball-shooting warrior, you must battle against virtual zombies as they spawn out of the ground. Shoot them with fireballs, collect flaming power ups, and roll away...

  • Sphero Multi Drive




    It’s easy to become an expert Sphero driver. Control Sphero with joystick tilt, or old-school remote controls. Create challenging courses, race against friends and family, or turn out the lights and enjoy some night racing. Step on the gas with boosts, beat your buddies racing, and earn yourself...

  • Sphero Scribe N' Drive


    If you can draw it, Sphero can drive it. Use the HTC Scribe Pen to trace a shape or path on the screen and Sphero will follow it before your eyes. Just give your smartphone or tablet a shake to clear the slate. Even make Sphero change colors as it rolls by using the integrated color wheel...

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