Orfina Cop

  • Real Mirror

    Real Mirror


    Real Mirror Real Mirror app is done the job of mirror that you use in your home to make up. It instantly on camera app from mobile and you can see your face. It’s easy to use and you can use anywhere where your mobile phone is available on hand. No need to take actual mirror on your purse.

  • Easy Call Confirm

    Easy Call Confirm


    Easy Call Confirm Easy call confirm avoid accidental incoming and outgoing phone calls. Easy call confirm saves you from accidental outgoing and incoming calls. Features: -Outgoing phone Call Confirm dialog -Incoming call lock screen -Incoming phone Call protection.

  • Funny Voice Changer

    Funny Voice Changer


    Funny Voice This application specifically made for the entertainment. You can change your voice to many other funny voices. Like girl, birds, other person, monster, cartoon character voice or more funny voice. You record your voice in your devices. And after you select the different type of...

  • Laser Pointer

    Laser Pointer




    Laser Pointer This application to give the laser light with different color. This application made for the happiness or enjoyment. Many place use the laser light kike in mall, printer or other place. Also your child plays with this light without any type of risk make enjoyment this light. You...

  • Twin Camera

    Twin Camera




    Twin Camera The Twin Camera application to take a two different image and also convert single image to twin image. This application specifically made for recreational or amusement. You also combine that two picture in one image. This Twin camera takes photo for single person and also this...

  • Night Vision Camera

    Night Vision Camera




    Night Vision Camera In dark night to not show the any type of thing or activity to clear. You must need for the light in dark place. But the night vision camera through you show in dark night. And also take a photo in night. Night vision camera is the preferable application. This night...

  • Secrete Video Recording

    Secrete Video Recording




    Secrete Video Recording The Secrete Video Recording is a fabulous application. This application through you recorded films, your interview, your meeting presentation or other things. This application through you takes a Secrete Video for any event. You one touch to start video. You take video...

  • Apk Backup and share

    Apk Backup and share


    APK Backup and Sharing APK Backup and Sharing save copy of installed application on devices.APK share app with people or devices by email, wi-fi, Bluetooth and others Android backup services to backup services only to backup important application data. Backup services you choose should be...

  • Crack Me

    Crack Me


    Crack Me "Crack Me" application to make enjoyment or happiness with your devices screen. This look like a real crack screen. To make great prank with your friends using your mobile and this application. You touch your screen to your screen is crack. Also crack screen with the sound...

  • Happy Birthday Sticker

    Happy Birthday Sticker




    Happy Birthday Sticker You give your friends to surprise his Birthday to use different pictures. Like cake, Birthday Candles, Gift Box or more stickers. Happy Birthday Sticker application through you wishes a birthday your friend, your family member or other relative. This application you give...

  • Glow drawing

    Glow drawing




    Glow drawing Glow drawing application to draw any image with glowing effect. In this application to choose any size of brush. Also select different color of brush or select different size of line. You give the background color of your image.If draw picture and make any type of lapse to provide...

  • X Ray Scanner

    X Ray Scanner




    X Ray Scanner The X Ray Scanner application to take X-ray your hand. This application makes for enjoyment. You just move your phone over the hand this app take the X-ray your hand. Also your hand X-ray to show the bone or your hand skeletal to set your wallpaper. Also share with your friend...

  • Caller Name Ringtone

    Caller Name Ringtone


    Caller Name Ringtone Your mobile phone is better work as a Caller Name Ringtone while you get a call and message. Android used best for user help full and easy to handle. Caller Name Ringtone announces the incoming caller name or number. If the caller name is already in contact list of phone...

  • Flash Alerts

    Flash Alerts




    Flash Alerts Flash Alerts application notify with flashing camera light when you have incoming call or incoming sms. This application used when you have not hearing your ringtones or your cell is in silent mode. You can easily find out your phone if you put at misplace using this...

  • Air Call Accept

    Air Call Accept




    Air Call Accept Now Answer a call in Stylish way using your mobile. Forget the swiping on mobile screen to pick up phone or reject call, using this app you can accept/reject call a without touching a phone. Not only phone call you also use gallery feature without touching phone. You can...

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