orsan tech

  • Pocket Flash Torch




    Pocket Flash torch is small app that can be used to camera flash light as torch. this will help you to travel in night, give light when there is no visibility. Feature of flash pocket torch: 1. Maximum Brightness. 2. simple to use. 3. Easy to stop start. 4. uses camera flash. 5. One Button On/Off...

  • Football Defender




    Football defender is nice and addictive football game. this game get tougher and tougher as the level increases. Feature: 1. Unlimited level. no need to end the game. How to play: 1) click on ball to score points. 2) do not allow the ball to go in goal post. 3)as the level increase game is...

  • Salary Hike Calculator




    getting a new job or waiting for appraisal need to check your hike, you should try salary hike calculator. simple to use

  • Indian City Fare




    Mumbai rickshaw fare is simple to use application that show Auto Fare. don't get cheated use, digital tariff card. Feature: ♠Simple to use Interface ♠Mechanical Meter ♠Digital Meter ♠Day/Night Fare

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