• Handyman




    Meet the Handyman. He is a main character of our application which is a collection of incredibly attractive tools. In current version, there were put seven tools at your disposal: • level with which you will always keep the level, • decibel meter indicating the volume level, •...

  • QR Quick Scanner




    QR Quick Scanner is a simple tool that you can use to scan and encode many types of codes. With this app, you can scan QR codes, Data Matrix codes and simple barcodes. QR Quick Scanner stands out among other scanning apps because of its multiple functions: • QR code, barcode and Data Matrix...

  • Environment monitor




    Environment monitor - monitoring sensors and sound level. Listing the available sensors on the device Measurement of sound intensity (dB scale, digital display and LEDs in different colors)

  • Disco Flashlight




    Disco Flashlight is primarily a functional flashlight on your phone. It allows you to use the flash (LED) or the phone screen as a bright light to illuminate your way in the woods, basement or other dark places. The greatest advantage of this application is a multitude of additional features: -...

  • Memorizer




    Narzędzie pomocnicze w zapamiętywaniu czego tylko zapragniesz. Sam dodajesz pytania, których odpowiedzi nie chesz już nigdy zapomnieć. Tworzysz personalną bazę słów, ale tylko tych, z którymi masz problem z zapamiętaniem. I pozbądź się tego problemu! Okres między kolejnymi powtórkami słów wydłuża...

  • Mobile Library




    Mobile Library is an application for creating list of your books, movies, music discs and other items. Thanks to this app it’s easier to organize home your home collection. It’s recommended for forgetful people, who often lend their precious books to friends, and then never see them again.

  • Developer Gainer




    The application enables Android developers to quickly view all the information about their phone (IMEI, model nr., OS version, version numer, etc.) in one place, as well as all of the installed apslications. What’s more, it can help to check how a given color looks on the actual smartphone...

  • GPS Volume Control




    Application automatically changing ringtone and notification volume, according to your location. You don't have to worry about turning the volume down before going to school, work, lecture or concert! Program is able to silent your phone when you are at school or work and turn up the volume...

  • Desk clock




    Desktop clock on your phone. Simple and functional application. It also has the function of notification, whether weekend has started :)

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