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    Observed Trials

    Bike trials forum with articles, classifieds, videos, and bike display. Topics cover help and questions about beginner riding, competitions, regional meet-ups and events, frames, brakes, rim grinding, rim tar, brake boosters, wheels, and gear ratios.

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    Hi-Point Forum

    Hi-Point firearm forum with articles, classifieds, reviews, photos, and videos. Topics cover help and questions about all Hi-Point pistols and carbines, optics, sights, lasers, lights, ammo, concealed and open carry, second amendment, and reloading.

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    United States Catfish Association, Catfish1, forum mobile application.. Forums and magazine articles for catfish, bait, rigs, river fishing, noodling, spawning and fishing guides.

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    Paracord Forum

    Mobile application for ParacordForum.com. Online magazine dedicated to the many uses of paracord; from survival and the outdoors to firearms and knives. Instructional articles, how tos, and tutorials, project display, photos, and videos.

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    Survival Forum

    Survival forum with articles, how-to guides, bug-out bag display, recipes, and marketplace. Topics cover help and questions about emergency kits, medicine, transportation, communication, foraging, gardening, homesteading, livestock, energy, and water.

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    Slingshot Forum

    Mobile application for the Slingshot Forum and Slingshot Channel. The Slingshot Forum is the official forum for the Slingshot Channel hosted on YouTube by Joerg Sprave. Forum topics include homemade slingshots, launchers, and other wood and rubber weapons, help and questions, along with tutorials and reviews.

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    Kel-Tec Forum

    Kel-Tec firearm forum with articles, classifieds, photos, and videos. Topics cover help and questions about the PF-9, P-11, P-32, P-3AT, PLR-16, PLR-22, PMR-30, KSG, SUB-2000, SU-16, SU-22, and RFB, accessories, holsters, grips, optics, slings, and ammo.

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    Ruger Forum

    Mobile application for Ruger Talk Forum. Ruger Sturm firearms forum, with forums for all aspects of Ruger firearms, handguns, rifles and shotguns.

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    Rabbit Dogs

    Mobile application for Rabbit Dogs Forum. Rabbit dog forum focused on beagle hunting rabbits with forums for beagling, field trials, pedigrees, bloodlines, kennels, breeders, and dog hauling.

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    Georgia Packing

    Georgia Packing forum mobile application. Georgia conceal carry, firearm, handgun, political, legislation forums.

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