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  • The Whiskey Brothers




    Listen to the Whiskey Brothers podcast as they become available! Just load up the app and enjoy. You can either stream or download each podcast. Streaming allows you to immediately listen to the podcast you select, but you can't skip through to other parts of the podcast and you may...

  • Tasklight




    It's a flashlight, but not JUST a flashlight! You know those hard to reach crevices where you could fit your hand, but not head to look for something? While you can use Tasklight for everyday flashlight needs, you can also record video! Just turn on the light, click Record and reach back to...





    Remember to rate! A life counter for large, multiplayer Magic: The Gathering games. Supports any number of Magic players all at once on a single screen. Track General Damage for Commander/EDH games. Track Poison Damage. Players can be renamed by long-clicking on the name of the player you...

  • MTG EKG Free




    LATEST (long overdue) UPDATE: 1/8/15. Bug fixes, layout revamp and simplified functionality. Remember to rate! Email your suggestions if you have any. This is the free version of MTG EKG. A life counter for Magic: The Gathering games of absolutely any size. There's a minimum of two...

  • aPounce 2




    Remember the original aPounce? Well, forget it! aPounce 2 is so much better! You can install/move the aPounce to your SD card. The home screen is your Friends list. Tapping the plus sign will enable you to add a friend to your Friends list. Tapping the pencil will open the Options screen,...

  • Dunn Up




    Using photos on your device, you can be like like Houston comedian Owen Dunn by gettin' Dunn Up! Tap NEW to select one of your photos. Tap SEND to share your Dunn Up photo with your friends. Tap RESET to return Owen's head back to it's original size, rotation and position. Tap EXIT...

  • Tipster




    A free app to easily calculate your tip for just yourself or your entire group. Step 1: Enter the amount shown on your bill. (Optional) Step 2: Choose whether you'd like to tip using a percentage of the bill or an amount specified by you from the drop down menu or skip to step 3. This is...

  • FAP (Obsolete)



  • aPounce




    aPounce detects the online status of your friends in Furcadia. [Menu] (Add) a friend. (Remove) a friend. (Clear) to remove all friends. (Detection Character) used to log into Furcadia and detect your friends. (Close aPounce) Whisper me in-game or check my website to contact:...

  • Bluetooth Recorder Lite




    This is an ad-supported, lite version of a yet-to-be-released Bluetooth Recorder with such planned features as: Decibel meter, countdown (instead of count-up) timer and more. Suggestions are welcome. Record audio through the microphone on your phone or through a Bluetooth device that has a...

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