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Today we live in two worlds - physical and digital world. With help of augmented reality and Overly team, these worlds are blending together and you will experience new type of entertainment - the future has arrived! Overly is augmented reality platform made by enthusiasts from Latvia with mission to make your life easier and most important - mor…

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SAN is a GPS based augmented reality mobile app. The app provides viewers with the possibility in certain places to use their smart phones to look at virtual art objects, which, like a digital layer, are combined with the real environment. Mobile app works with big scale objects in limitless space. Using SAN application you can see sculptures produ…

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TELE2 Birojs

Tele2 offers you virtual reality application which uncovers beautiful opportunity to spend your working day wherever you feel like. You will be able to visit Kemeri swamp, Eastern Latvia's seacoast and coffee roastery "Rocket bean roastery".

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