oWorld Software

  • Currency Converter (Free)




    Easy to use and with a regularly updated currency/money change! An essential application for all the travellers: convert the price of an item you're going to buy, negotiate the currency exchange (money)... Features: - Friendly and intuitive user interface - A large entry field for a quick...

  • Universal converter Free




    This converter is an application designed to efficiently convert units of measurement such as speeds, temperatures, time, weight and distances etc.! It will help you make a success of your cooking recipes, maths homework, etc. An essential tool for your iPhone. Stop asking questions like:...

  • Animal sounds: Moo box (Free)!




    An application designed for children to help them discover animal sounds. Watch children awaken, laugh, wonder and frighten themselves when listening to the sounds of their favourite animals. An excellent application for kids. How does it work? Simple! Select an animal and touch the screen with...

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