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  • Date and time by GPS

    Date and time by GPS




    Displays the date and time from the GPS.

  • Device Temperature

    Device Temperature




    View the temperature sensor or the battery temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit (for high accuracy devices).

  • 12 Month Year Calendar

    12 Month Year Calendar




    The annual calendar. Switch the first day of the week Sunday or Monday.

  • Walking Time Calculator

    Walking Time Calculator




    Measure the path between two points specified by the map. (km, mi) Calculate time required by the walk. (this is not straight line distance)

  • Vertical text editor

    Vertical text editor




    2 vertical screen text editor with autosave feature.

  • Map Altimeter (m / ft)

    Map Altimeter (m / ft)




    Display altitude (elevation) (meters / feet) on the map.

  • Horizontal text editor

    Horizontal text editor




    2 horizontal screen text editor with autosave feature.

  • Unit Converter

    Unit Converter




    Fahrenheit-Celsius, mile, feet, inch, pound, ounce unit conversion calculator. (℉⇔℃, mph⇔km/h⇔m/s, ft⇔in⇔cm, lb⇔kg, oz⇔g)

  • Interval Timer Alarm

    Interval Timer Alarm




    Repeat at specified interval time.

  • Easy Email Received

    Easy Email Received




    Show the subject and the body of the mail. ( without SSL, maximum 20 )

  • Speech Text Editor

    Speech Text Editor




    Keyboard and voice input(search button) auto-save text editor.

  • Discomfort index by net

    Discomfort index by net




    Discomfort index was calculated from temperature and humidity by cell or WiFi. (In some environments will not work.)

  • Drinking History

    Drinking History




    Calculate and record of drinking alcohol.

  • GPS ON / OFF status bar

    GPS ON / OFF status bar




    Switch and display the GPS status in the status bar.

  • One Minute Interval Timer

    One Minute Interval Timer




    The alarm sound every minute timer.

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