• Easy SD video player full




    Media files (3GP, MP4, TS, WEBM, MKV) in SD card root folder. (device dependent)

  • day and date widget




    The calendar widget displays day and date. Set the application to launch by click. Update date at midnight every day.

  • battery temperature




    View battery temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit (for low accuracy devices).

  • Day&Date Calendar Widget




    The widget displays the day and date. The most simple calendar widget. Click to view "33 Days NoteBook"(If it is installed)

  • SD自動保存SJIStextメモ


    SDカードルート.txt(SJIS)ファイル 終了時に自動保存テキストエディタ キー入力、音声入力(検索ボタン) 音声入力は本文カーソル位置に挿入

  • Send location address




    Send the address of the GPS position.

  • Analog clock widgets




    The most simple analog clock widgets. Two-types (Analog Clock 1x1, 2x2). You can set application to launch by click.

  • Screen battery minimum




    The application (not a widget) to minimize the battery consumption (brightness and time out) of the screen.

  • Screen dark and long




    The application (not a widget) to minimize the brightness and no timeout of the screen.

  • Screen brightness switch




    Screen brightness toggle application (not a widget).

  • Sending clipboard


    Email the contents of a clipboard. At app startup, airplane mode auto-off.

  • Time Signal with Note




    Set hourly (before 3 seconds) time signal (880 Hz sine wave). With memo function.

  • Cursor Notes Widget


    Notes widget with the cursor keys (not a application).

  • Dual Four Calculators


    Two input, calculate four simultaneously. Thousand separator calculator.

  • Browser with Calc


    The web browser with a simple calculator. You can calculate while browsing.

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