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  • FaceMark Generator Mushroom

    FaceMark Generator Mushroom




    Generates Facemark character randomly. Cloned from @amachang 's "OKAO*MAKER", adding history. - This app works with "Simeji" app. - Also works itself, use clipboard & menu key. - Some chars may corrupt due to lacking some glyphs on your DroidSansFallback.ttf ....

  • Tsukasa Revolving LiveWallPape

    Tsukasa Revolving LiveWallPape




    (testing) Cloned from : Tag: rakisuta src:

  • BrowserHook





    Hook The Web Action and Throw mobile-transcoded one into Browser. You can add the transcode site urls. - import/export setting to SD - add: clear/disable history. src:

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