• Maxima FM Radio




    Now You can listening the Maxima FM radio in your smarphone Android. Also you can used as radio alarm! Foward put your alarm for you get up with gallo maximo! *It's recommended use wifi for listen the radio.

  • Virus Scan (Antivirus)




    Antivirus: Scan your smarthphone with this super app. - Scan your installed apps in your android smartphone - Scan your apk files, They can be viruses or risk applications. Easy and fast! Download it right now! It's your antivirus

  • App Task Killer




    Kill tasks, free memory, speed up phone, save battery. ----------------------------- - Kill selected tasks - CPU lagging monitor (Remind user if CPU lagged by some apps) - Android optimizer - Ignore apps when kill tasks - Auto kill tasks on every screen off - Regular kill - Startup Kill - Quick...

  • God Confession App




    Choose your religion and confesses everything to your god. You can choose between those religions: - Christianity - Islam - Buddhism - Judaism - Taoism You can see the other confessions from other people. You will always see the confessions in your language. What are your waiting for? Confess...

  • Cleaner Scan




    Cleaner Scan: Clean your smartphone and remove your bigger files with this super app. - Scan your files in your android smartphone - Scan your apk files, images, music, jpg, png, They can be hidden files in your applications. Sometimes You need to clean your smartphone to download more music,...

  • Info Futbol




    Toda la información de fichajes y noticias de el Futbol, Eurocopa, champions leage , UEFA, etc... ahora en tu android. La información esta sacada de páginas como mercafutbol,, marca, periodico as, etc. Comparte con twitter, facebook , google+ o tu red social favorita, las noticias más...

  • Gps Car Park




    As you ever parked in your city or you've gone to the countryside to spend the day and not know where you've left your car? Here is your solution. This application can you say that you save the location of your car when parked. Allows you to see the location of your car. Find your car it...

  • Simple Calculator Free




    Simple Calculator Free!!!! The best calculator in google play. It is very simple to calculate in your shops, at home or all You want to calculate! Download right now this application! You can calculate everything!

  • Ola Ke Ase Editor




    Comparte con tus amigos, familia o con quien desees tus propias imagenes editadas con el texto OLA KE ASE! Descargate ya esta app tan divertida y compartela por WhatsApp, Line, Messenger, Facebook, Twitter y otras redes sociales! Tags: Ola Ke Ase, Olakease, ola k ase, hola ke ase. ola que ase...

  • InDotCom (




    You can to see all news from web, in your android smartphone. Is more comfortable than browser. This app shows you the best news of India. The app is still beta. I will update this app with improvements in a few weeks.

  • Whats Greetings




    App for send post, greetings and cards of much topics like: Christmas, Birthday, Sants, Partys, etc. You can to make custom images, adding titles with diferent colors. Before you can send them to social networks like twitter, facebook, google +, besides WhatsApp, Line or another chat apps. You...

  • TwittAround




    Tweets in your area: Look tweets around of your location. Do you wish meet people? This is your app. You can explore tweets of others users and follow him, Find your twitts! tags: twitter, area, twitt, around, location, gps, people, twittaround, twitt around, twitter around, twitter location, gps

  • Info Nba




    All information of signings, rumors, news of basketball nba... now in your android this app get information of pages like nba, fox sports, etc. Share with twitter, facebook, google+ or your favourite social network, the more important news. tags: nba, sports, information, news, basketball,...

  • Fallas Valencia 2013




    Aplicación modo offline para visualizar los eventos y ver las fallas en el mapa. tags: fallas, valencia, evento, eventos, falla, crema, calendario, mapa, ruta, offline, online

  • Lock Call Contacts Audio




    This is an application which will allow silent or sound, to contacts in your address book regardless of the way that your phone. When you call any contact will be the way you've assigned. This app makes switch sound or vibrate between your contacts.

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