• On The Ministry




    New app for Jehovah's Witnesses field service. Organize your Return Visits, Bible studies and Not at Homes. Look all your calls on the map or navigate to them. With the GPS functions you will be able know and take note of the addresses of your calls or "Note At Homes". With...

  • On The Ministry Lite




    New app for Jehovah's Witnesses Ministry Control your activity, statistics, and send your report by mail or sms. Now you The full version includes more features: return visits, b. studies, GPS functions, maps, navigation, calendar events, backup, themes... It isn't an official...

  • Game - The Books of the Bible




    A game that will help you to learn more about the books of the Bible. It will help you to memorize the order of all the books, who the writer was, or where and when it was written. All the information about the books and dates is based on the "New World Translation of the Holy...

  • Game - ChronoBible




    ChronoBible is a game specially designed for making our family worship night a little bit more funny and interesting. Do you remember when the flood started? When did Jehovah create Adam? What did happen first the birth of Abraham or the birth of Enoch? When did Jehoshaphat succeed Asa as king...

  • Biblical Measures Converter




    - Have you ever wondered how much money a talent could be today? - How long are 300 span? - What is the volume of 3 ephah? This app will help you to quickly convert measures an units we usually find in the Bible and other historical books to modern units. Excellent tool for your personal...

  • ICE - For Jehovah's Witnesses




    In Case of Emergency for Jehovah's Witnesses is a complement to the ADVANCE DIRECTIVE card used to express our choice regarding medical treatment. It includes a widget for the home screen and contact and medical information (allergies, medication, personal information) that can be very...

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