• Drugs and Disease Search




    DrugDz allows you to perform rapid drug or disease lookup via several free online information providers. Key features: * Search for drug information, disease information and ICD9 codes * No need to install or keep updating local databases * Rapid search of multiple information providers using...

  • VTE




    Guidelines for the management of Venous thromboembolism based on the Malaysian Haematology Society VTE Clinical Practice Guidelines 2013 Sections: - Risk factors - Management - Clinical tools To download the PDF of the guidelines, please visit: A web...

  • Malaysian Medical Resources




    The official app of the Malaysian Medical Resources website ( The Malaysian Medical Resources was conceived back in 1996 as a webpage which serves as a repository for links to Malaysian Medical and Health websites. Through the years, the links have been constantly...

  • Dobbs Forum




    Dobbs or Doctors only Bulletin Board System is the premier online community for Malaysian doctors in existence since 2000. It comprises discussion forums, activity wall for sharing status updates and links as well as private messaging functions. This mobile app provides quick access to the main...

  • BodyCalc




    A free utility to quickly calculate commonly used parameters of body size: - Body Surface Area (three methods: Dubois, Haycock and Mosteller) - Body Mass Index - Ideal Body Weight Features: - Two methods of input : dialog box or a full numeric keypad - App allows you to set your preference of...

  • BeebCast




    Beebcast is an app to quickly access BBC world news (live audio stream) and the latest selected podcasts from the BBC. This is a beta version and my first release as a free app on the Android market so please be kind! I intend to add more podcasts and to improve on the app over time so feedback...

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