Download EASY BEAT HD, make music! EASY BEAT HD, make music! icon
    EASY BEAT HD, make music!

    16instruments available, you just batch the instruments on the nodes. it play automatically, and you can save or load anytime. enjoy you palm studio without limit place.

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    Download EASY BEAT 32bit MPC Edition EASY BEAT 32bit MPC Edition icon
    EASY BEAT 32bit MPC Edition

    This application is for those who want to find a combination of sounds like hip-hop or bit of. you can sound and share, load other players via internet 16 buttons and 88 different instruments, a special sound, a bit. Bit to a metronome and be saved and then sequentially Repeat 128bpm/32 nodes can playback mode. MPC audio equipment emulator app…

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    Download Vintage Pocket Baseball Vintage Pocket Baseball icon
    Vintage Pocket Baseball

    "Vintage style baseball table game" this was very popular game machine when starts at 1980 Vintage Style game machine for table, with families or friends, yelling when trigger switch to led blinking on HOMERUN or be frustrated by out now you can play them in your smart phone play with Computer or your friend on your hand. now enjoy…

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    Download Slot Machine, for the Jackpot Slot Machine, for the Jackpot icon
    Slot Machine, for the Jackpot

    Casino slot machines that can be let in the palm of your hand! Switch to coin collecting hard point try. Various amulet coin may be true. Better to buy amulets Let's work hard together with points and coins. Bear paws, amulets, and four-leaf clover collected all of them, if you're very good fortune. This was far from Jackpot. Let's…

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    Download Jewel Pang - Break the Jewels Jewel Pang - Break the Jewels icon
    Jewel Pang - Break the Jewels

    Jewel Pang comes in three types of jewelry. I press popping jewelry shaped like a united ... Each time you come up from under the new burst gems jewelry. Discover the many pop gems as possible. Find the best records made ​​~

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    Download BlackJack 21 BlackJack 21 icon
    BlackJack 21

    Enjoy Blackjack Game If the number is close to 21 can contact dealers. Odds obtain records check and try as much as possible the coin. Many features'll update soon.

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    Download Jewel Chain Puzzle Jewel Chain Puzzle icon
    Jewel Chain Puzzle

    just draw same row of jewels to break jewels as many as you can possible, to reach next level, gain score beyond target score. enjoy and record your best reaching level

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    Download Pop Jewel - break the gems Pop Jewel - break the gems icon
    Pop Jewel - break the gems

    you can break jewels by touch same color group of jewels. everytime you break, insert new line jewels are raised. prevent to them reach to the top. use your brain, and skill to break many tiles as you can at limited space. bet with your friend who is have more score. good luck!

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    Download Pop Tower Pop Tower icon
    Pop Tower

    Pop Tower Game is most simple game. you just touch the group of same color tiles and break them. tower is more raise and raise, dont lead them reach to top. bet your friends this game who is more good at remove tiles.

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    Download Bubble Throw Bubble Throw icon
    Bubble Throw

    Just shoot bubble to crush all bubble hanging on the ceil. lots of of level waiting you. enjoy.

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    Download Dot Logic Dot Logic icon
    Dot Logic

    have you ever been play nemonemo logic? it is easy puzzle, just put block on the grid by number sequence. when you think it is answer sheet, just click check button. whether it correct or not, you check every time. hundred or more levels ready for you. challenge. and enjoy game~

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    Download Shadow Run Shadow Run icon
    Shadow Run

    Try to eat the coin of the road to control the cruising runner. However, avoid obstacles! Try to compete with your friends under the most challenging levels.

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