• 么么搭 - 智能时尚搭配助手


    全球首款智能搭配+时尚拼图社区的顶级APP! 聚合HM,银泰,Amazon, Farfetch等10大时尚前卫站点!看大牌,看推荐,看美图! 超过2000个顶级时尚大牌潮品! 20万级单品库配合100+精美模板,发挥无限创意! 基于明星同款、场景、天气、颜色的强大推荐服务! 仅需两步,秒级完成个性化搭配内容与小伙伴分享! 现搭现买,一个App搞定所有烦恼! 么么搭是一款基于海量潮流单品的智能检索、搭配神器,被众多专业时尚编辑推崇!...

  • 7.0

    Sushi Slash




    Slash the board and bring all the sushis together

  • Sushi Slash HD




    HD version is optimized for Tablet and Mobile phone with screen height or width larger than 1000 pixels. Check out how fast your eyes and fingers can go. Sushi slash is right game you want. Swipe to cut the board, destroy most of the play-shape and you'll advance to the next one. Open up...

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