• Jeannie




    Get Jeannie, one of the best voice assistants that has several million downloads to date! Voice Search of the future, you will no longer need to memorize special keywords or phrases, simply speak into your smartphone and voice actions will automatically respond to what you need. Talk to her,...

  • Assistentin




    Wenn Sie Siri auf dem iPhone kennen, so werden Sie die (Sprach) Assistentin für Android zu schätzen wissen! Überarbeitete Version! Sag der netten Helferin in Deinem Android, was Du möchtest: * Stelle Alarme und Erinnerungen ein * Sende Textnachrichten und E-Mail * Hole Dir News, Fakten und...

  • Zork I : Interactive Fiction




    Voice Zork I : Interactive Fiction BY VOICE! WARNING: This game involves reading, thinking and talking. If you just want to blow things up, you might want to look somewhere else. An epic legent. This game was a huge hit on old computers. Now you can lead your character via speech. You have...

  • Zork - a Voice Adventure




    Interactive Fiction An epic legent. The story is pretty old, but you have never before been able to talk your way out of a novel! There are no graphics in this game (yet) except for those in your imagination! HINT: Start by going south. A whole new kind of game? It was one of the first...

  • Babel Chat




    Chat with your friends, with strangers or with robots in any language.

  • Butler




    Wenn Sie Siri auf dem iPhone kennen, so werden Sie den Butler fürs Android zu schätzen wissen! Der Butler antwortet die z.B. auch auf folgende Fragen: "Wann fährt der nächste Zug von Berlin Zoo nach Kassel" "Gibt es Stau in Berlin?" Und sag einfach "wiederhole" wenn...

  • Jeannie for Adults




    Chat by voice with your artificial intelligence pal. She empathically listens to your stories and tries to be cheering or even useful. Let your pet robot impress friends... [Good connection required] She is still a rather young critter... be kind to her.

  • Reminder




    Reminder is your personal assistant that helps you to remember things, like waking up in the morning ;} Set up alarms, events and reminders by speech: 'wake me up at 8:30 am' 'wake up tomorrow noon' 'wake me in 3 hours' 'remind me to buy a birthday cake'...

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