Paramount Digital Entertainment

  • Scotchy Scotch Toss

    Scotchy Scotch Toss




    A game of deception, intrigue and ice. Hello friends, legendary anchorman Ron Burgundy here to describe the greatest app in the history of western civilization, "Scotchy Scotch Toss." This mobile game, which I personally developed, combines my two favorite things: Scotch, and playful...

  • 7.0
    World War Z

    World War Z




    The official game based on Brad Pitt's film

  • TF3 Battle Zone

    TF3 Battle Zone




    The war for earth is coming to a town near you in the new TRANSFORMERS social networking application, TF3 Battle Zone! Choose your side between the AUTOBOTS or DECEPTICONS and defend your city by claiming real-world territory using the foursquare API. Turn any location into a BATTLE ZONE with...

  • Star Trek App

    Star Trek App




    Download the App & be the first to experience Star Trek Into Darkness!! Join Starfleet for your chance to rise in the ranks, unlock exclusive content, & win prizes!! Leading up to the film's release, you'll take part in scavenger hunt missions that include trivia, polls,...

  • 3.0
    The Dictator: Wadiyan Games

    The Dictator: Wadiyan Games




    Several mini-games based on The Dictator film

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