• US States Quiz




    Do you know the capital cities of 50 US states? Can you indicate the correct location of state on the map? Do you want to know the state flags and state seals? U.S. States Quiz will help you to learn! Functionalities: - 10 levels of difficulty: - Levels 1 and 2 - states -> capitals - Levels...

  • Math Challenge - Brain Workout




    Keep your mind in good shape by math training! With this game you or your children can improve their mathematical skills, test mental math and prepare for math tests. Functionalities: - 12 levels with increasing difficulty, - 20 questions on each of the 11 levels, 50 questions on the last...

  • Periodic Table Quiz




    Chemical quiz, which will allow you to quickly memorize the symbols of chemical elements, its groups, periods, blocks and atomic numbers. Make sure that you are familiar with periodic table of elements. Test yourself by comparing your score with the best ranked online and become a master of...

  • Cars Photo And Logo Quiz




    Cars Quiz - a great opportunity to test your knowledge about automotive industry! Combine fun with learning - show your knowledge and speed: - guess car brand logos, - match the model name of the car to the appropriate brand, - write the name of the vehicle model based on pictures, -...

  • Countries Location Maps Quiz




    Learn the world countries locations maps! "Countries Location Maps Quiz" is a geographical test, that allow you to check your knowledge of the political maps of the world! You've probably hear on television about different countries scattered around the world and wondering...

  • Countries Capitals Quiz




    Geography quiz, which will allow you to quickly memorize all the capital cities of the world! Test yourself by comparing your score with the best ranked online. Functionality:   - 10 levels of difficulty,   - at any level there is 20 capitals of countries, - learn mode without time pressure,...

  • World Flags Quiz




    Geographical quiz, which will allow you to quickly learn all the flags of all countries of the world! Functionality: - for a given flag you will select proper country, - 10 levels of difficulty, - at every level there are 23 countries flags (a total of 230 national flags to guess!), - at each...

  • Geography Quiz




    The best GEOGRAPHY quiz for Android! - 36 levels, - capital cities of the world, - flags of the countries of the world, - countries location maps, - sea in the world, - learning mode without time pressure, - no ads, - ranking of the best players. Your score is sum...

  • US Presidents Quiz




    Do you know all US Presidents? Can you tell the president's name by given president's number? Test you knowledge! U.S. Presidents Quiz will help you learn all important informations about presidents. 12 levels of difficulty: - levels 1 and 4 - Select president's name by given...

  • Litanies




    Catholic prayer book containing following litanies: Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus, Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Loreto), Litany of the Most Precious Blood of Christ, Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Litany of St. Joseph. Supported languages: - Polish, - English.

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