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★☆Achieved 4 million downloads! Thank you☆★ ChickPusher is a game like the Coin Pusher! Many chicks are in a cape. They are trying to ride on the nest at a tip. However, chicks do not have the courage which has crossed the cape. Then,Please lend your power. 【How to Play】 If a screen is touched, a chick will fly. Please push out chickens t…

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Thanks for your patience! The second game of the ChickPusher was released. ChickPusher is a game like the Coin Pusher! There were chicks which were not able to jump in the nest by a previous work. It seems that they want to return to a nest. Chick 4 brother took action to help them. They tried to attach the Life Belt and jump to the sea. It…

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ChicksPusher is back as an action game! One day, the chicks drifted to the stage, “Pepipo island” which is made of tons of tweets! Chicks are so into the sweets that they never know they are scattered. And they also never know the island is controlled by a danger chick, Bokan. There is only one chick who noticed. He decided to gather his comrade…

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ChickPusher is a game like the Coin Pusher! Christmas came on to the ChickPusher! Chicks are also busy with preparation of Christmas. They desire completion of the Christmas tree. I will help preparation of chickens and will enjoy Christmas together. 【How to Play】 If a screen is touched, a chick will fly. Please push out chickens to a cape…

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ChickPusher Series 5th An action game full of little chicks for all chick-lovers out there! Run with as many chicks as you can and aim for the goal! The next scene will be set in a group of islands made of sweets! These chicks came together in the previous version and tried to escape. Contrary to any expectations, they managed to find a new is…

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Rin claims about! Park graphics familiar to deliver the chick covered Puzzle game that has changed little play anywhere at any time comes. Cut, you can break, Spring over, goal! ! Solve the gimmick together with animals that was Marumaru guide to tailing treasure box. Stage of more than 90 playable! Fellow and may increase the advance stage ★ ◆ ◆…

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this time we are introducing a resident of room number 102. The 'milk elf' is living in the room and he is very hard worker. Even he is working to his ass to delivery whole town's milk all day long, he is always shorthanded. So here we are asking for your help. What you all need to do is piece of cake. First thing is to squeeze a …

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The mansion in which funny residents live. A name is the Strange Mansion. Isn't the resident's strange life seen? and Please carry out their help using a smart phone. Residents of this time to introduce …..Room No. 001 It is "Nabezizi"(Pot uncle) that lives in this room. His desire is to give residents a curry. However, he ca…

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"StrangePot" has been helped by many people, and residents were able to eat curry. "Nabezizi"(Pot uncle) is very grateful to everyone. "Nabezizi" brought the present to everybody. It is "StrangeXmas". Connect a combo and enjoy eternal Christmas! Be careful of "AkahanaMushi"(Red Nose insect). b…

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