Patrick Boyd

  • Bluetooth Toggle for Droid




    I couldn't get any of the existing bluetooth toggle widgets to work on Droid (Android 2.0). So this one does. 1.1: Fixed some force close issues. Also added an unknown state icon when the bluetooth subsystem is unavailable. Once installed: long press on your home screen, select...

  • Weather Widget




    This is a widget that can be installed on your home screen and give you the current weather where you are. 1.1.5: Fixed update code to run despite some error cases. NOTE: Requires Android 1.5 a.k.a "Cupcake" to function. Bugs or suggestions can be submitted here:...

  • Knock On...




    Wood, Glass, or Metal, but in the future I might add other things for you to knock on. If you have other ideas please post them in reviews... I will try and read them and update it! 1.1.1 (1/13/09): Added glass and metal. Also better wood noise. 1.0.1 (1/12/09): Fixed a crash issue when you...

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