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    Dr. Fish

    (Description) Do you know a doctor fish? The doctor fish eats the keratin which became old of the person who entered the hot spring. We attract attention as "fish therapy". This is a simulation of such a doctor fish. (How to play) You touch a screen with a finger and still keeps it, and then the doctor fish gather around your finger. Tha…

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    Flick Flick

    Description. This is a game on which a brain and reflexes are tried. Since one of the four direction(up, down, right or left) is displayed on a screen, please flick the screen in the direction of the displayed character. This game has two kinds of modes. In the mode A, it compete to how many times a Flick can do in regulation time. In the mode…

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    Exercise the brain & reflexes

    This game contains four games to improve brain and reflexes in one package. 1. Reflex measurement This game will test the reflexes. Since the ruler fall, please catch it quickly. It measures the time to catch up. 2. Flick Flick This game will test your intuition. You have to flick quickly in the direction which is displayed on the screen. In mode…

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