• 7.1

    Cat Smash




    Smash the target number and watch how difficulty progresses

  • PhoneCall Auto Answer Manager




    Answer calls automatically (Auto answer). Responds automatically via SMS. OR shake the phone to answer. AND many more features! Need your incoming calls picked up automatically and handsfree? Need an app which can auto answer calls by sms? Or you want to answer calls by shaking the smartphone?...

  • Break Your Fingers - lite




    TRY OUR NEW GAME: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.psicon.doodlecandysmash Tap as fast as you can but be warned...THIS IS ADDICTING! AND: !DO NOT BREAK YOUR FINGERS! Tap as fast as you can and compare with your friends! How much taps can you do in 20 secs?! Break your...

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