Pau Oliva

  • hotspot-bypass




    PoC to bypass captive portal pay-wall on wi-fi hotspots. Might not work on all wifi chipsets. Tested successfully on Nexus7 (2013) and Nexus4. Wifi must be turned on and connected to the captive portal network. Dependencies (you must have them installed prior to install this app): 1. ROOT. Yes,...

  • RootAdb (needs root)




    This app restarts adb with root privileges, you'll get a root shell directly when executing 'adb shell' in a rooted device without having to change the boot image. Technically it changes and ro.debuggable=1, and patches adb to continue to run as root and restarts it....

  • Package Enabler




    This app lists all disabled packages on your system and *if you have root* allows to enable them in one click (see the screenshots). Can be useful to enable packages which have been disabled by Google region check, for example Google Ears in countries where this application is not available....

  • Radare2 for Android




    Radare2 is an opensource reverse engineering framework which provides a set of tools to disassemble, debug, analyze, and manipulate binary files: Ever wanted to look at the smali code of a suspicious apk, solve a crackme, or disassemble something directly on your...

  • WifiStaticArp




    *** THIS APPLICATION NEEDS ROOT ACCESS *** This app will set an static ARP entry on the gateway's MAC address every time you connect to a WIFI network, this is useful to protect your Android device against arp poisoning techniques used in MiTM (man in the middle) attacks. This application...

  • Share With




    This app allows you to share the web page you are reading in your browser or RSS feed reader to any app such as twitter or facebook. It will create a friendly shared message containing the shortened URL using and the page title. On your browser press Menu -> More -> Share page ->...

  • Add2Hosts




    *** THIS APP NEEDS ROOT ACCESS, FOR ROOTED DEVICES ONLY *** A simple /etc/hosts editor which will let you add entries to the hosts file from your phone: it only lets you add new entries, not edit, remove or modify. Could be handy in some situations, for example: - override public DNS response...

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