Paul Coke

  • PEC Apps Shopping List


    The new voice activated shopping list app from PEC Apps is a virtual shopping list that is speech responsive. At the touch of a button, just say the name of the item and it will be displayed on the screen as a part of your shopping list. Once you have completed your shopping list, you can save...

  • PEC Apps Radio




    The new PEC Apps radio app is a live radio streaming app that streams live radio all the way from the UK to Australia! Whether you want to listen to German opera, Romanian Reggae or Polish hip-hop and R & B, all musical tastes are catered for, across a range of countries including France,...

  • Retrieve-A-Tweet




    The new Retrieve-A-Tweet from PEC Apps is an app that interfaces with Twitter to retrieve the most recent tweet that a user has sent. Once you’ve retrieved the tweet, just click/tap the text box containing the tweet message and you have a choice of forwarding the tweet to a recipient via SMS or...

  • Pec apps Adult Education app




    The new app from PEC Apps is an adult education app that is a very good educational tool for adults who are semi-literate or who have learning difficulties. It features several activities that allow the user to improve their literacy skills. The features are as follows: Features: -Includes...

  • Take Note


    Take Note from PEC Apps is an app that uses voice recognition to record your audible notes and gives you the ability to send them via email, save them to your sd card, send them via SMS and even set an alarm reminder that plays Vivaldi! Features: -Includes Voice recognition -Includes audio...

  • PEC Apps RSS News


    The RSS News reader from PEC Apps, features news from a variety of sources including CNN, Sky News, The BBC, Fox News, MSNBC and more. Just click on the relevant icon and up to the minute news is displayed on your phone. Each news story also has a link to its respective web page so that you can...

  • PECApps Rent Arrears Calc.


    The rent arrears calculator from PEC Apps, calculates the total amount of rent owed by a tenant from the date of the first missing payment to the date that the arrears are calculated to. It can perform rent arrears calculations for weekly or monthly paying tenants. All the user has to do is...

  • Thought Of The Day


    Thought of the day is a simple app that displays the current thought for the day as text, as well as audibly (when the user clicks the speaker icon on the screen). Features: -Users can view the thought of the day displayed as text with the option of hearing the thought of the day via speech...

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