Paul DeMarco

  • Call Sandwich




    Easily add a prefix and suffix to all outgoing calls! INSTRUCTIONS: Add any prefix to the "Prefix" field Add any suffix to the "Suffix" field Toggle ON/OFF button to enable or disable the sandwiching Add asterisk to phone call, add characters to calls, add extensions, edit...

  • JARVIS - Texting Robot




    Safely stay connected on the road! Let Jarvis handle your text messages. Jarvis speaks the incoming text message and lets you send something back using voice commands. ★ Male British voice for JARVIS - How to ★ First, make sure that your Google Text-to-speech Engine is fully updated....

  • Chat Boss




    ** BETA TESTERS NEEDED ** Please email if you would like to join! Mutes any text conversation on your phone, including group chats! Block group chats, block group mms, block group messaging, group chat, silence group chats

  • Slick Rotary Dialer




    Flash back to the 50's with this authentic rotary phone. Dial in style! Better than the rest, here's why: Real sound effects change with your finger speed Customization phone color

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