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SatFinder Android is an Android-based geostationary satellite location and dish alignment tool. It has a database of all current geostationary satellites worldwide, and it provides detailed pointing instructions for all of them. It also has a list of popular satellite receiving dish models with pointing data for them as well. And more, it has a way…

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SSHelper is an advanced, multi-protocol, secure server for the Android platform. SSHelper works just fine with a normal, unrooted Android device — i.e. your device. It also offers special features on rooted devices. SSHelper works as an application and as a service. As a service it runs in the background, providing secure communications protocols…

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TankCalcAndroid is an Android-based version of my well-known storage tank analysis program TankCalc. I created it on hearing from a number of tank farm managers who wanted a more convenient way to analyze storage tanks in the field. This version includes most of the features of the desktop version — the table generator, the 3D viewer, even the anag…

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CarpeTempus is a complete, powerful Android alarm/timer application. CarpeTempus will accept any number of alarms (particular time of day, and day of week, month, year, etc.) or timers (durations in seconds. minutes. hours, etc.). When it's time for CarpeTempus to alert you, it will speak the message you choose, or play an alarm ringtone, or…

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