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Paulo Marques

  • Casas de Prata

    Casas de Prata


    Casas de Prata Somos uma equipa de profissionais especializada na procura do imóvel certo para si. Perfeitamente adaptados às recentes tendências do mercado, continuamos a desenvolver esforços no sentido de conseguir mais interessados na compra e arrendamento dos imóveis dos nossos clientes....

  • EasyEngineerPro





    80% off Electrical app and engineer. With EasyEngineer you have more than 200 engineering calculations available, divided in 6 areas. It's a huge amount of calculations capacity and a helpful tool for the daily work. Areas included: - Electrical - Chemical - Mechanical -...

  • DomoArd





    DomArd lets you control your Arduino digital pins via Wireless LAN. Just connect you Arduino, with an ethernet shield, to your home network and with your phone connected, via wireless, to your network you can control your home equipments. Next version will let you control the analog pins. You...

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