• Towers of Hanoi


    Oral tradition dictates that a number of monk in a sacred temple in a land far away, were given the challenge of moving 64 golden disks from one stack to another stack. There were few rules: 1. You can only move one disk at a time 2. You cannot place a larger disk on a smaller disk. If they...

  • AdMob Reporting




    WHAT IS IT? It's a way to see your AdMob Statistics on your mobile device. Release Candidate: Version 1.7 This is the second graphical interface to a new library of AdMob tools developed by PaulyGram Systems. You see your sites in the list view and the list view gives you the big data:...

  • Incontinent Birds


    This is an invaders themed game. You stand ready with your shotgun and try to kill the invading birds. Be warned the birds won't take lightly to being shot at. They're gonna spoil you with their spoils. BETA: Birds have random HP. Now with live scoring.

  • Blood Alcohol Calculator




    This widget allows you to track your blood alcohol while you drink. You enter your gender and weight, setup up the drinks you're going to be drinking and then just click the icon each time you get a drink. How much alcohol is in your drink? Glass of wine is usually 5 ounces and 12% alcohol,...

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