Pavel Alexeev

  • 7.0

    Piano For You Full




    Piano For You is virtual piano for Android

  • 7.0

    Piano For You




    Piano For You is virtual piano for Android

  • Click The Number




    The game will help you to train your attention and focus. Get the highest level with some bonus for your brain! Try to get to level 25. Your goal on each level is to find a specific number (or not a number – there are surprises!) in a very limited time. Some says there are colored aliens on...

  • Finger Tap Battle




    Exciting and addictive game for 2 players and one android device. Tap your region as fast as you can to overgrow your opponent. Needs multitouch-enabled device and at least one friend nearby. iPhone users should immediately check out original game by Rafael Rozendaal in Appstore or...

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