Pawan Gupta

  • Savvy TaxPayer Tax Refund 2013

    Savvy TaxPayer Tax Refund 2013




    Estimate and even control your federal income tax refund for tax year 2013 (that you will get in 2014 tax season) starting right now! Also adjust your tax withholding from your remaining paychecks for 2013. This app will suggest the Form W4 adjustments to accomplish that. This way you may see...

  • Mileage Minder

    Mileage Minder




    Mileage minder 1.0 is a simple, free app to keep track of mileage of all your vehicles. Enter fuel quantity, odometer reading or trip meter reading and price paid information at each fill-up of fuel-tank. Instantly see mileage for your last and previous fill-ups. Also view a summarized...

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