Download Guns - Shoot and Reload Guns - Shoot and Reload icon
    Guns - Shoot and Reload

    Pistols - Shot and Reload App for weapon's enthusiasts. Now, 24 different pistols in one application ! The ideal application for jokes or frighten someone. How to use the app now: 1) Click on the screen to shoot 2) Swipe left on bullets or Long Click on screen to change magazine 3) Shake your phone to reload pistol If you are interested in…

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    Download Guns : Bombs Pranks Guns : Bombs Pranks icon
    Guns : Bombs Pranks

    Sounds of explosions Ideal application for making jokes, pranks or scaring someone. Now 14 sounds in one application. Set the time and wait until it explodes. Examples of the use: 1) Throw grenade - Set short counting time and sound to the max and throw the phone close to someone, wait for the explosion 2) Place a bomb - Set long counting time a…

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    Download Funny Scary Sounds Funny Scary Sounds icon
    Funny Scary Sounds

    The ideal application for making jokes or frighten someone. Now 27 sounds in one app !!! To play or stop sound just click on the screen. Twenty seven sounds in one application: - electric shaver (with vibration) - spray paint - air horn - a machine gun - police - breaking glass sound - fart sound - chainsaw - scream - Lion roar - Whip shot - Pun…

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    Download Gun - Shotgun Sound Gun - Shotgun Sound icon
    Gun - Shotgun Sound

    App for weapon's enthusiasts. Now 18 shotguns in one app !!! The ideal application for jokes or frighten someone. If you are interested in shotguns, weapons, guns, this app is just for you. Eighteen sounds in one application: - Shotgun - SPAS-12 - USAS-12 - AA-12 - Benelli M4 - Winchester 1887 - Remington 870 - Beretta 682 - Ithaca 37 - HS M…

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    Download Sport Cars Sounds Sport Cars Sounds icon
    Sport Cars Sounds

    Now 31 sounds of sport cars engines in one application !!! Now you can also see the view of car interior !!!! HOW TO USE: 1) Start the engine by turning the key 2) Hold your finger on the screen to increase the engine RPM 3) Release to reduce RPM 4) To stop the sound, turn the ignition key 5) Click on car icon to enter the car The application fo…

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    Download Stopwatch and Timer Pro Stopwatch and Timer Pro icon
    Stopwatch and Timer Pro

    Update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - New feature: HIIT Timer (Interval training timer) - Stopwatch, Timer, Calories, Distance and Speed Counter, HIIT Timer in one application - New Graphical User Interface Application for sports enthusiasts. Now the app will calculate the distance you have traveled, calories burned, and speed. Before starting any exercise…

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    Download Guns - Animated Weapons Guns - Animated Weapons icon
    Guns - Animated Weapons

    New Weapon: Revolver MAGNUM-T. Now 6 interactive weapons in one application. How to use: 1) Swipe down on hammer to reload revolver 2) Click to shoot 3) Click to open the cylinder 4) Swipe right on ejector to remove empty bullet shells 5)Swipe left to load a revolver 6) Swipe up to close the cylinder Now, six weapons in one application: Glox Pist…

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    Download Whip Shot Sound Whip Shot Sound icon
    Whip Shot Sound

    Whip Shot Sound Shake the phone to shoot of the whip. Want to feel like a cowboy or just have fun, this application is for you. The ideal application for a joke or to scare someone. This free application can include advertising in the tray notifications.

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    Download Health Calculator Pro Health Calculator Pro icon
    Health Calculator Pro

    Health Calculator Pro If you want to know what is your ideal weight or how many calories you burn per day, this application is for you. With the help of this application you can calculate: -BMI (Body Mass Index) -BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) -Ideal Body Fat Percentage for your weight,height and age

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