• Stopwatch and Timer Pro




    Update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - New feature: HIIT Timer (Interval training timer) - Stopwatch, Timer, Calories, Distance and Speed Counter, HIIT Timer in one application - New Graphical User Interface Application for sports enthusiasts. Now the app will calculate the distance you have traveled,...

  • Guns - Shoot and Reload




    Guns - Shot and Reload UPDATE: - Added new sound : Smith & Wesson M&P SHIELD - fixed some minor bugs The ideal application for jokes or frighten someone. How to use: Click on the screen to shot Shake your phone or long click on the screen to reload Ten sounds in one application: -...

  • Gun - Shotgun Sound




    Shotgun - Shot & Reload UPDATE: - Added new sound : Remington 870 - Fixed some minor bugs Seven sounds in one application: - Shotgun - SPAS-12 - USAS-12 - AA-12 - Benelli M4 - Winchester 1887 - Remington 870 Click on the screen to shoot. Then. Shake your phone to reload shotgun. If the...

  • Guns - Rifles Sounds




    Rifles : Shot and Reload UPDATE : - Added new sound: Thompson gun If you are interested in weapons and guns, this app is just for you. In this application, you will find a lot of sounds of shoots from various types of firearms including , rifles , machine guns , carbines , assault rifles ,...

  • Guns - Shot Sounds




    Guns - Shot Sounds UPDATE : - Added new sound: FN SCAR - Now with Widget!! To play or stop the sound of the shot, just click on the screen. If you are interested in weapons, guns, this app is just for you. In this application, you will find a lot of sounds of shots from various types of...

  • Funny Scary Sounds




    Funny Scary Sounds To play or stop sound just click on the screen. Update: - Added new sound - Paper bag - Fixed some minor issues. - Now you can save your favourite sound as ringtone !!!! Eighteen sounds in one application: - electric shaver (with vibration) - spray paint - air horn - a...

  • Sport Cars Sounds




    UPDATE: -Changed the way of using the application for 10 cars, others cars in the next update. HOW TO USE: 1) Start the engine by turning the key 2) Hold your finger on the screen to increase the engine RPM 3) Release to reduce RPM 4) To stop the sound, turn the ignition key The application for...

  • Weapon : Bombs




    Sounds of explosions Ideal application for making jokes , pranks or scaring someone. Update: - New sound: Paper bag - Added volume bar - Fixed some bugs Set the time and wait until it explodes. Examples of the use: 1) Throw grenade - Set short counting time and sound to the max and throw...

  • Sounds of Animals




    Sounds of Animals Update: - Five new sounds - Reduce application size To play or stop sound just click on the screen. Now Twelve sounds in one application: - Lion - Gorilla - Cat - Wolf - Chimpanzee - Elephant - Hyena - Dog - Owl - Duck - Horse - Peacock The ideal application for making...

  • Shake Interesting Facts




    Shake Facts Now more than 800 facts. To see other facts just shake your phone. Random facts are displayed after each shake. Did you know that: Roman Soldiers, once they joined the Roman Army had to serve for twenty-five years. A lot of interesting facts in categories like :...

  • Funny Scary Sounds 2




    To play or stop sound just click on the screen. Update: New sound - Zombi ! Fix some bugs ! Five sounds in one application: - Bang! - Evil Laugh - Dinosaur Roar - Thunder - Zombi The ideal application for making jokes or frighten someone.

  • Random Numbers Generator Pro




    Random Numbers Generator This application generates random numbers . You choose the number of generated numbers and upper and lower range. Update: The application remembers the last settings Now you can also generate the numbers by shaking the phone. Improved generation of random numbers. The...

  • Health Calculator Pro




    Health Calculator Pro If you want to know what is your ideal weight or how many calories you burn per day, this application is for you. With the help of this application you can calculate: -BMI (Body Mass Index) -BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) -Ideal Body Fat Percentage for your weight,height and age

  • Whip Shot Sound




    Whip Shot Sound Shake the phone to shoot of the whip. Want to feel like a cowboy or just have fun, this application is for you. The ideal application for a joke or to scare someone. This free application can include advertising in the tray notifications.

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