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  • Higher edu Lebanon

    Higher edu Lebanon




    We hope through this application to provide citizens in Lebanon and in the Arab world, sufficient information about Higher education in Lebanon. Note that the application's content is in Arabic

  • Art Line

    Art Line


    This app takes you through the art project "ArtLine" that took place on the sea, and in several cities throughout the Baltic Sea. The projects focus on contemporary art, mostly in innovative digital formats. Mostly, the new stars of the art world that is waiting to be found

  • eceee



    Keep track of “An Excellent Energy Efficiency Training Event” with this App. Many companies and public institutions send staff to the eceee Industrial Summer Study for three days of intense training in energy efficiency. Here, they meet experts with up-to-date real knowledge of energy efficiency,...

  • AIS - Ajaltoun

    AIS - Ajaltoun




    The educational mobile application we will be adopting facilitates the communication between AIS community and the parents. We intend to be the digital pioneers in launching such an application in Lebanon. Since AIS is the school of the 3rd millennium, we have to modernize and upgrade our...

  • GEDLearn



    The use of educational technology as a teaching tool and the effectiveness of the teaching performance are still objects of debate.

  • AntoninesHJ





    L'application mobile éducative que nous adopterons, facilitera la communication entre le Collège Notre Dame et les parents. Nous avons l'intention de moderniser et d'améliorer notre système de communication et, par conséquent , cette application a un rôle majeur et essentiel dans la...

  • IFK Stocksund

    IFK Stocksund




    IFK Stocksunds appen är för Kommunikation och samordning mellan lag och medlemmar, tidsrapportering för anställda och rapportering av matchresultat.

  • Nobile



    Nobile is a private members’ restaurant located in the heart of Stockholm and founded in 2009. Members are an assorted group of ambitious, sophisticated individuals with an interest to expand their perspectives and broaden their horizons. We provide our members with a stimulating, dynamic meeting...




    TLQAA project is funded by the European Commission within the framework of the TEMPUS program. Tempus is the European Union's programme which supports the modernisation of higher education in the Partner Countries of Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Western Balkans and the Mediterranean...

  • EIT Results Day

    EIT Results Day


    EIT ICT Labs mission is to drive European leadership in ICT for economic growth and quality of life. At the EIT Results Day in Helsinki on the 9th of October we will showcase innovations, start-ups and activities around health and wellbeing, future cloud, future networking solutions and smart...

  • Mobile Future 2013

    Mobile Future 2013


    Mobile Future is the leading business conference in the mobile space in the Nordics. Inspiring speakers and experts talk about major industry trends and discuss how to monetize mobile services.

  • Exxentric



    Exxentric is a company based in Sweden focusing on developing equipment for strength training and rehabilitation, mainly based on flywheel training. Welcome to our mobile app built to ensure you have easy on the go access to over 40 specific training videos. Plus exclusive video updates, news and...

  • Klappjakten



    Vad önskar sig dina vänner sig till jul? Fyll i, skräddarsy, ändra och skapa en egen inköpslista efter dina behov!

  • Bombus





    Informativ app för bandet Bombus, som bildades i Göteborg 2008. Deras självbetitlade debutalbum blev av årets bästa skivor 2010 och emottog lysande recensioner med ett snittbetyg på 4,2 av 5.

  • Hästar som läromästare

    Hästar som läromästare




    I sin debutbok Hästar som läromästare delar Marike Ollner med sig av egna erfarenheter och upplevelser som hästägare, hästmassör och reikimästare. Det är en medryckande, fartfylld och känslosam berättelse skriven med glimten i ögat, där många starka personligheter inom hästvärlden dyker upp:...

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