• Simon




    This is an enhanced version of the game Simon. This version has: - A multi-player mode - You can select between 2 and 8 colors - A version of the game where you play sequences in the reverse direction - Or a version of the game where each sequence is randomized.

  • Truth or Dare




    The classic game of truth or action, but it speaks! With questions (truth) and dares. For fun with family or friends. The application proposes various actions and truths, updated regularly, but you can also add yourself. One option offering naughty questions or actions is available to warm the...

  • Sheep Shearer




    Simple game and addictive Through two game modes, shear your sheep as fast as possible or as much sheep in a given time. With your finger, walk through the coat until there have no more hair on his back. Sheep Shearer is the game that will entertain young and old. Good shearing!

  • Labyrinth




    Turn on your reflexes in this maze game in which you must find the exit while avoiding the pitfalls. Have fun through three different styles of play, and more than 80 free levels (more will come soon). Feel free to contact us in case of problems, comments or wish to improve.

  • Ni oui, Ni non (Fr)




    Le principe est simple, vous ne devez dire ni oui ni non. Jouer en famille ou entre amis et relancez vos soirées ! ******** Note par rapport à certains commentaires, il faut bien regarder ! Il y a un bouton pour passer la pub, vous n'êtes pas obligé de cliquer !!! ********

  • Clouds Drop




    Clouds Drop Simple and addictive game. You know the game Tetris, Columns or Jewels, in the same category, here's Clouds Drop. Assemble elements and create new one, confront you, or not, with time ... Try to beat the scores of your friends in 4 different game modes. To play, move your...

  • Hangman




    Hangman is the classical hangman game, with more than 1000 easy words, more than 20000 difficult words and other categories like music, sports ... You can choose between english and french words. Feel free to contact us in case of problems, comments or wish to improve.

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