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  • PayPal Here: Get Paid Anywhere

    PayPal Here: Get Paid Anywhere




    Get paid on your Android Smartphone with our free app and card reader. Accept credit and debit cards, send invoices, track cash payments, scan checks, and accept PayPal payments. It’s only 2.7% per US card swipe transaction. No long-term contracts, commitments or monthly fees. START SWIPING IN...

  • 5.0





    PayPal is the official Android app of the well-known payment service

  • PayPal inStore

    PayPal inStore




    PAY WITH YOUR MOBILE ON THE HIGH STREET The PayPal inStore app is the new cashless, cardless way to pay on the high street using your mobile phone. It’s the smarter, safer, simple way to pay. The app links to your existing PayPal account and you’ll get a unique one-time barcode each time you...

  • PayPal QRShopping

    PayPal QRShopping




    PayPal QRShopping: You can shop regardless of opening hours and have your purchases delivered directly to your home – it doesn´t get any faster. Please note: The app is only available in German language as it is designed to be used in Germany and Austria only. This is how it works: Scan a...

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