• NewPaper



    Compare two photos before you make your choice. Tool was made for new wallpapers selection: * you make a photo of your walls with old design (tap the screen free space) * start the app when you are at the shop: you can see old wallpaper as the background picture and ... * the new walpapper sample...

  • ProPilkko





    Сетевой симулятор зимней рыбалки на реальной карте. В процессе создания и тестирования, присоединяйтесь: На старых\слабых устройствах Android 2.3 лучше не запускать (особенно с 256 МБ RAM). Сейчас уже есть: * выбор места рыбалки на мировой карте *...

  • MotorOilHour





    Motor-hours calculator for car engine oil replacement. Now city cars drive much smaller, staying in traffic jams. So the engine works much idling, without mileage rising. And the motor oil thermally degradates faster, and to be replaced much early than the mileage recommendation of car...

  • Voice2Clipboard





    Speech-to-text and to-clipboard transparent tool. Allows you to read any current text (document, article in www-browser) and dictate a piece of the text through the semi-transparent interface. The recognized text result is placed into the system clipboard, you can paste it any place. Next usage -...

  • CaliBattery





    Battery info app with the manual voltage calibration. It is actual for the device with a problem built-in battery info driver, showing wrong charge level. If your system indicator shows the battery charge OK - you do not need this app, no need to make negative review. This utility can: * get...

  • How4What





    A specification generator for your idea, project, system to be developed. Any project to be developed should be fully specified and well described to the engineer, programmer, designer. It means that all terms of the project, parts, elements, their properties and functions must be exactly listed...

  • BeBack Free

    BeBack Free




    A GPS voice navigation utility economizing the battery charge. Suitable for hunters, fishers or other adventure finders: allows to walk straight to the target point with free hands according to the voice pointers, having your PDA in a pocket with the switched off screen and saving the battery...

  • TradingDroid





    Invoice creator and exporter to .XLS using an external price-list and supplier\customer simple editable database. * Import *.csv price-list (3-column table: group of the item, item description and price. For national font is to be UTF-8 encoded) * Currency option for invoice texts * Selection of...

  • AndrOrder





    Android application development calculator for the customers. * Select optional standards\specifications that are probably to be developed * Set the qty of the variable fields to be processed (say name\price\color\size...) - as the future user you have to imagine which initial variables are to...

  • Online-Watcher





    An automated client-server service looking for the info that you need to catch. It periodically checks the web-pages you need and alerts you, if it has found the text and digits you are looking for. Instead of you ! Searching the offer, sales, news or job you are waiting is now much easy !...

  • SecureProtect





    Security guard alarm application for Android devices. Making various alerts according to the sensors, events and user preferences. * Android device can be secured and locked, with unlocking by the password (remember well!). * For guarding mode start you have the adjustable time: you may plug it...

  • VuLEDmeter Shareware

    VuLEDmeter Shareware




    Music discotheque stroboscope, visualizer for Android devices (HTC, Samsung, some SE, Acer were tested). ROOT access rights are required ! Application provides: * capturing the wave table of being played musiс * data processing for LEDs control * writing the data to the system...

  • SpellReadTeacher





    Russian language spelling read teacher. Application with RU interface only.

  • on-togglesound



    Just activates the sound. Another utility "off-togglesound" toggles the sound, activates the silent (vibro) mode. It's useful as a simple "sound on" command by Cyberon Voice Commander. Screenshots just show that sound mode is toggled, no any dialogs.

  • off-togglesound



    Just activates the silent (vibro) mode. Another utility "on-togglesound" toggles the sound again to be on. It's useful as a simple "sound off" command by Cyberon Voice Commander. Screenshots just show that sound mode is toggled.

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