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Transport tycoon business simulation game. Online multiplayer games are available, as well as a single-player against computer. How to play: How to add computer opponents: Scroll the map with two fingers, when you are building roads or stations. Translate Android version to…

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Classic 2D jump'n'run sidescroller platformer game in a style similar to the original Super Mario games. Gamepad is recommended for playing on TV. Please don't play the game with TV remote, even though you can, if you enable 'Jump with up' in Options - Keyboard setup. Sources can be downloaded here:…

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GIMP Inkscape

Two graphics editors, ported from PC. You will need mouse, stylus, or 10” screen to use them. This app requires 1 Gb device storage (1.8 Gb during installation), and cannot be moved to SD card. GIMP is an advanced picture editor, suitable for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. Inkscape is a vector graphics edi…

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USB Keyboard

Turn your Android device into USB keyboard/mouse for your PC. You will need to install custom kernel to your Android device, that will add keyboard+mouse functions to it's USB port, this app is used to send key and mouse events. You will also need root. No driver installation is needed for your PC. It will work inside BIOS, inside bootloader,…

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Download Debian noroot Debian noroot icon
Debian noroot

This app will install Debian Jessie. You do not need to root your device, it will work fine with any stock ROM. You will need 900 Mb free on internal storage. This app cannot be installed to SD card. A mouse or stylus is highly recommended. This app is NOT full Debian OS - it is a compatibility layer, which allows you to run Debian applications. Y…

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Ur-Quan Masters

Port of DOS game Star Control II. The Ur-Quan Hierarchy have won the war and put the Earth under slave shield. Explore galaxy, gather resources, ally with other races, battle enemies and win your freedom back. To activate emergency escape unit, press Back. If you dislike touchscreen controls - go to Setup -> Advanced Options -> Joystick, a…

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Download XServer XSDL XServer XSDL icon
XServer XSDL

X Window System / X11 server for Android, complete and fully functional. You may use it to stream applications from your Linux PC, or to launch Linux installed on your Android (installing Linux is done via separate app). 3D acceleration and OpenGL are not supported. If you're launching X clients from PC, you can install VirtualGL to use OpenGL…

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Download Ur-Quan Masters HD Ur-Quan Masters HD icon
Ur-Quan Masters HD

Port of DOS game Star Control II, with enhanced graphics and music. The Ur-Quan Hierarchy have won the war and put the Earth under slave shield. Explore galaxy, gather resources, ally with other races, battle enemies and win your freedom back. If selecting "New game" crashes the game - select "Load", there is one savegame save…

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MilkyTracker is an open source, multi-platform music application for creating .MOD and .XM tracker module files. It attempts to recreate the module replay and user experience of the popular DOS program Fasttracker II, with special playback modes available for improved Amiga ProTracker 2/3 compatibility. High-resolution version for tablets: http://…

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Download Input events logger Input events logger icon
Input events logger

App for developers, that will print all input events coming to your device - all fields of KeyEvent and MotionEvent classes are displayed. It will print events from joystick or gamepad axes and buttons, mouse hover events, and touchpad events, if you have such device. It will also dump all events to logcat. You may attach almost any mouse/keyboard/…

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S Planner Killer

You can disable S Planner in system settings in Android 5.0 Lollipop, this app is not needed anymore if you have Lollipop. Follow instructions in the screenshots to disable it. This app will hide all notifications from Samsung S Planner calendar, so you can use another calendar app without having all your notifications duplicated. It starts at bo…

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Match two similar fruits, and they will disappear. Are you tired of jewels? Are match-three games too complicated for you? Biniax2 to the rescue! Just clear your way and avoid being blocked. You control a single fruit of certain type. Colliding to a pair of fruits, containing your type, will make the pair dissapier, leaving you more space and cha…

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