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  • Baby Phone Game for Babies




    FREE! A top Baby Games on the Google Play store and a FUN GAME FOR BABIES AND TODDLERS. Music Phone and Game for your Baby and Toddler. Plays Nursery Rhymes, Lullabies, Songs and lots of Sound Effects that your baby will love. Tablet Support! All content is FREE! A fantastic and fun game for a...

  • Feed Baby - Tracker & Monitor




    Feed Baby is the best app for new parents to track breastfeeding. Track and Monitor your babys breastfeeding, diapers, sleep, pumpings, baths, growth and development. Record Bottle Feeds and Breastfeeding, Baby Diapers, Baby Sleep pattern, Breast Pumps, Growth Charts and Journals and Diary of...

  • Feed Baby Pro




    Feed Baby Pro UNLOCKS ALL FEATURES of Feed Baby Lite. When you install Feed Baby Pro you can continue to use Feed Baby Lite as normal so that none of your data is lost. Also, Sync will be available to be used in Lite so that you can start Syncing between devices running Feed Baby! ★ Number 1...

  • Contraction Timer for Labour




    The best contraction counter and contraction timer for pregnant women on the market for timing your contractions during labor and childbirth. You'll never need another contraction tracker once you try this one! The is no better app out there to help you time your contractions during...

  • Baby FlashCards for Kids




    FREE Flashcards for your baby! Learn Letters, Numbers, Colors, Animals and Transport Vehicles. Each flashcard is accompanied by a voice that narrates the letter and the word. ** FEATURES ** Lots of Categories include: Alphabets, Animals, Vehicles, Numbers and Colors ★ Cute and Colorful images...

  • Kids Write ABC! - Free Game




    A FREE, FUN game for YOUNG CHILDREN that teaches your child how to Write! No Ads! Tablet Support! This is a kids write abc and 123 app! One of the top kids writing apps on the Google Plays tore! This fun game teaches your kids how to write whilst also developing their understanding and...

  • Kids Spelling Games - FREE




    A FREE, FUN spelling game for Kids, Toddlers and Children up to the age of 10! Guaranteed to help improve your childs spelling and letter recognition whilst also enjoying the fun narration and images. Also improves your Childs hand-eye co-ordination as they drag the images to their final...

  • Kids Story Book Songs - FREE




    Free sing-along story book with songs, pictures, narration and animations for your kids and children! Kids Story Book will develop your childrens reading skills. Designed to help develop your childs recognition of common words in a fun, safe and educational environment. Learning to read has never...

  • Baby Phone - Christmas Game




    A FANTASTIC Christmas game for your baby, toddler or child. This is a Musical Phone game! Special Christmas Edition with Christmas songs and lots of Sound Effects! Tablet Support! ** FEATURES ** - Phone that plays piano sounds when baby touches one of the number keys and makes 'fake'...

  • Guess What's Under - FREE Game




    Hey, Whats Up? Guess What's Under is a FREE, FUN Picture Puzzle game for Toddlers, Kids, Children and Adults! No age limit! Tablet Support! ★ Featured app on Android Headlines : A puzzle game that requires no...

  • Kids Maths and Numbers - Free




    A FREE, FUN numbers and maths learning game for all ages of Toddlers, Kids and Children up to the age of 6! Also improves your Childs hand-eye co-ordination as they drag the images to their final resting place! Tablet Support! Over 100 simple and popular equations for your child to learn!! And...

  • Cartoonland Live Wallpaper




    Live Wallpaper that is FREE, BEAUTIFUL and FUN for your phone and/or tablet where cartoons come to life! 100% FREE Live Wallpaper. And an unbelievable number of settings that you can choose from to tweak Cartoonland Live Wallpaper for your phone and/or tablet to exactly how you like it. Now...

  • No Ads Key - Baby Phone




    Enjoy the BabyPhone without ads! Compliment app to the BabyPhone. You MUST have the BabyPhone installed first. Once the "Baby Phone - No Ads Key" is installed then the BabyPhone will no longer show any ads. You must install this app on each device that has the BabyPhone installed if...

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