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Thunder Rider - Jet Flight

Thunder Rider is the Ultimate Jet Fighting Game on mobile. Choose from a colossal line of fighter planes. Lieutenant your Country needs you! Pilot a classified fighter jet and save the world from annihilation. DIVERSE CAMPAIGN MODE! Today at 0200 Hours, one of our undercover operatives contacted HQ. We have received intel on a coup that will be…

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Download Hazardous Highway Car Chase Hazardous Highway Car Chase icon
Hazardous Highway Car Chase

The original Traffic Racer for mobile is back! Hazardous Highway Car Chase is a highly addictive getaway car racing game in which the player must thwart the chase, race the getaway car through highway traffic, steer through roadblocks and drive away from the tailing police car. You've got the briefcase, but the police are on the chase! Time t…

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Download Tiny Birds Run - Ice Age Tiny Birds Run - Ice Age icon
Tiny Birds Run - Ice Age

"What an awesome app - Editor's Pick from" RUN! RUN! RUN for your life! Help these Tiny Birds Run away from the fast approaching ice age. Slide and Glide through various levels to reach as far as you can. If you like playing physics based games like Smurf's Village, Ice Age Village, World War, Angry Birds, Temple R…

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Download Zombie Chase - Walking Dead Zombie Chase - Walking Dead icon
Zombie Chase - Walking Dead

Zombie Massacre War puts you in the middle of the zombie apocalypse in the ultimate battle for survival against the hordes of the undead in an exhilarating First Person Shooter game. What started off as a survival mission once, is now turned into a post-Armageddon battle, and now you are taking the fight to the monsters. You are Mike ‘Deadmaker’…

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Download Superhero Costume Superhero Costume icon
Superhero Costume

With great powers comes a great responsibility. To make the perfect Superhero costume to banish evil with your awesome charisma! * Customize your own Superhero/Heroine. * Choose the color of your costume and your cape to best represent your Hero. * Choose if you want equip a Legendary Sword, a Shield or pound crime with bare hands. * If you want…

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Download Rickshaw Racing Rickshaw Racing icon
Rickshaw Racing

Download this one of a kind Drag Racing Game today! Rickshaws are vehicles used for public transportation and are most popular in the Subcontinent and South Asia. They are also known as Tuk Tuks and Autos amongst other names. If you love Racing games such as CSR Racing, Drag Racing, Need for Speed and Fast and the Furious then you will love Ricksh…

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Download Warid Rickshaw Racing Warid Rickshaw Racing icon
Warid Rickshaw Racing

Have you ever driven a Rickshaw before? We reckon not. Come on and download this game to own your very own Rickshaw. Sup it up by doing different upgrades and mod it by adding different colors and beautiful art to give it that Desi look. That's not all! Now you're all set to race! Pair up with random opponents and race to the finish line.…

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Download Iron Floppy Bird - Wall Flyer Iron Floppy Bird - Wall Flyer icon
Iron Floppy Bird - Wall Flyer

Download this amazing game for endless nonstop fun. Fly your iron floppy bird in this Wall Flyer and get the maximum score possible. You can easily play with a single hand and compete to achieve world domination. Iron Floppy Bird is our savior. This new super bird has to transport Doctor Flappy to the other side of the world in order for him to s…

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Download Space Combat: Galaxy Wars Space Combat: Galaxy Wars icon
Space Combat: Galaxy Wars

Space Combat: Galaxy Wars pushes you in a Universe where your team is tasked with maintaining peace throughout the galaxy. Whether its to prevent conflict or protecting civilizations from unthinkable cosmic evil, your team acts as a guardian force for the galaxy. Always the first one to answer the distress call anywhere in charted space, you are th…

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Download Flashlight Flashlight icon

It turns your cellphone into a torch with a single touch, yet, the Flashlight app is so much more than the best and the brightest flashlight app for your android. It has maps available at hand, a compass to help you navigate and the ability to access all of these exclusive features directly from within other apps. Even if your mobile doesn’t have a…

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