• Thunder Rider - First Flight

    Thunder Rider - First Flight




    Lieutenant your Country needs you! Pilot a classified fighter jet and save the world from annihilation. DIVERSE CAMPAIGN MODE! Today at 0200 Hours, one of our undercover operatives contacted HQ. We have received intel on a coup that will be staged by rogue military officers before dawn in our...

  • Zombie Massacre - Walking Dead

    Zombie Massacre - Walking Dead




    Zombie Massacre War puts you in the middle of the zombie apocalypse in the ultimate battle for survival against the hordes of the undead in an exhilarating First Person Shooter game. What started off as a survival mission once, is now turned into a post-Armageddon battle, and now you are taking...

  • Skitrix - The Word Kingdom

    Skitrix - The Word Kingdom




    Celebrating 30 years of Tetris and 75 years of Scrabble. For thousands of years, the Word Kingdom prospered in glory. Alphabets, words and knowledge was spread throughout the land, under the Lordship of King Alpha. However, all of that changed one day...when the darkness came. The Word Kingdom...

  • Up Up n Away - Flappy House

    Up Up n Away - Flappy House




    Help Old Miller's cute little flying Flappy House survive the Ultimate Getaway Trip to the Tropical Islands. Don't let the trees in the Jungle end your Journey in a wild rush. Make sure those trees don't bust the balloons, smash the home and crush your dreams of a life on a lagoon,...

  • Iron Floppy Bird - Wall Flyer

    Iron Floppy Bird - Wall Flyer




    Download this amazing game for endless nonstop fun. Fly your iron floppy bird in this Wall Flyer and get the maximum score possible. You can easily play with a single hand and compete to achieve world domination. Iron Floppy Bird is our savior. This new super bird has to transport Doctor Flappy...

  • 5.1
    Hazardous Highway Car Racing

    Hazardous Highway Car Racing




    A three lane racing game

  • Motor Cycle Diary: Bike Racing

    Motor Cycle Diary: Bike Racing




    If you enjoy Bike Racing games then this is definitely the game for you! Experience the most thrilling Moto Race of your life. Help Stacey Jax get to his Punk gig by surviving the traffic and going the distance. This game will get your Moto Racing Fever going in no time as it is a one of...

  • Photo Editor Effects & Collage

    Photo Editor Effects & Collage




    Finally the Best Photo Editor, Photo Effects & Collage Maker for Smartphones comes to Android devices. Download the version 2.0 which has a major update. We introduce to you our Collage Maker which is an awesome intuitive way to make multiple Photo Grids! All for FREE! If you love using...

  • Rickshaw Racing

    Rickshaw Racing




    Download this one of a kind Drag Racing Game today! Rickshaws are vehicles used for public transportation and are most popular in the Subcontinent and South Asia. They are also known as Tuk Tuks and Autos amongst other names. If you love Racing games such as CSR Racing, Drag Racing, Need for...

  • Bubloo Bhai Ka Basta - eBook

    Bubloo Bhai Ka Basta - eBook




    Join Bubloo Bhai and Bhaloo Mian as they try to figure out what happened to Bubloo Bhai's school bag. The school day is about to start and the bag is nowhere to be found! Choose to read along or read on your own. The book is full of beautiful intriguing animations and gorgeous illustrations....

  • Warid Zakat Calculator

    Warid Zakat Calculator




    Zakat Calculator is a helpful app for calculating your Zakat with ease. It covers all the important aspects of one of the important pillar of Islam-Zakat. Maintain Zakat logs and also help your family and friends with calculating Zakat for them. The app has a feature of multiple accounts....

  • 5.0
    Tiny Birds Run - Ice Age

    Tiny Birds Run - Ice Age




    Touch and release to control the bird flying

  • 6.7
    Global Attack: RPG War Game

    Global Attack: RPG War Game




    A MMORPG about conquering the world

  • Tiny Birds Run - Ice Age Quest

    Tiny Birds Run - Ice Age Quest




    "What an awesome app - Editor's Pick from" RUN! RUN! RUN for your life! Help these Tiny Birds Run away from the fast approaching ice age. Slide and Glide through various levels to reach as far as you can. If you like playing physics based games like Tiny Wings, Dragon...

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