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  • Worm Plex (Supaplex clone)

    Worm Plex (Supaplex clone)




    Happy hero has been put into an unfriendly plex. Use the law of physics to your advantage to save his life. Push stones, detonate tnts, find way in mazes, go through pipes and collect all coins to reach the exit. Beware of bad bugs hunting for you. They are quite dangerous when met face to face....

  • Beamer





    Beamer is an arcade game full of riddles. Try reaching final teleport by avoiding life hazards on the way. Contrary to most arcade games it's not about killing everybody on your way but about using your brain to trick out your enemies. Just beam in and see what you are made of. Become square...

  • 5.0
    MiniLand (physics 2d)

    MiniLand (physics 2d)




    A physics based puzzle game.

  • Pac Maze

    Pac Maze




    Small hero is lost in a big maze. Help him find the way out. Collect all coins needed for exit to be opened. Avoid monsters wandering around. Use various powerups to your advantage. Almost 150 levels are waiting for you for free, each packed with adventures making this arcade game for the whole...

  • Magnifying glass

    Magnifying glass




    Magnifying Glass app enables you to see small things without any additional tools. It uses your phone's camera and shows enlarged picture. Allows adjusting enlargement (exact range depends on your phone camera's hardware). Reading small print is no longer a problem. Have a magnifying...

  • Miniland





    Help your small hero find home solving riddles on the way! Each level features new funny puzzle. Jump, push objects, switch buttons, teleport yourself, use balloons, control different machines to reach your goal in each level! Features: - gorgeous graphics - different riddle in each level -...

  • Rings





    Rings is a simple and challenging brain puzzle game of a new kind. To solve each puzzle you have to rotate rings in appropriate order to place balls in proper slots. This brain puzzle guarantees hours of enjoyment you cannot find in any other brain puzzle. Rings puzzle feature: - 3 difficulty...

  • Draw Straws

    Draw Straws




    Solve any argument you have with friends or family by Drawing Straws. Person who draws shortest match looses. Features: - easy and simple interface - from 2 to 5 people (more will be available in next release) If you found any problem/bug in this Draw Straws app then contact me directly -...

  • 7.0





    Slide is a classic tile game in which players must draw patterns by moving tiles

  • Maze





    If you like mazes you will love "Maze" app. Over million mazes of different difficulty is waiting for you! Maze app features: - simple and intuitive interface - eye catching graphics - over 1 000 000 mazes with four different sizes available - hours of fun - different control methods...

  • Sokoban





    Sokoban is a free version of classic computer puzzle game. Your goal is to push boxes to storage locations. It is not always as easy as it looks like, taking into account that you cannot pull boxes nor walk over them. You can push only one box at a time. Play 1000 Sokoban levels for free. Good...

  • Countdown Prank

    Countdown Prank




    Trick your friends with a Countdown Prank app. Pretend you have a real bomb in your phone that is counting down. features: - realistic ticking sound - digital countdown clock as in real bombs ;) - possibility to fine tune countdown initial time - possibility to mute "tick" sounds If...

  • Torch





    Free Torch / Flashlight application without ads and unnecessary permissions. Uses camera flash light (on devices that supports it) or light screen (on other devices). It will really make your life brighter ;) features: - strong/bright light on all devices - automatically switches to screen...

  • Mirror





    Mirror app showing your face using front-facing camera of your phone. Now you can quickly check your hair, fix your make-up, put on your contact lenses or just check how beautiful you are using this simple app. No need to carry physical mirror anymore. This one is portable and hidden in your...

  • Poker Calculator

    Poker Calculator




    Poker Calculator is a free Texas Hold'em Poker Odds Calculator. It can calculate winning probabilities (so called poker odds) for given community cards and player hands in Texas Holdem Poker game. Results provided by this poker calculator are fast and 100% accurate. You can't lose any...

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